Web-Based Training all about SINUMERIK

Learn how to program online by using SINUMERIK Operate.

Learn how to mill and turn with SINUMERIK Operate in the Web-Based Training

The SINUMERIK Operate web-based-training is an online learning program for ShopMill and ShopTurn which enables you quickly familiarize yourself with the shopfloor-oriented user interface for CNC milling and turning applications. This learning program is subdivided into seven chapters. The chapters 1 to 5 inform you about the general fundamentals of software handling. In the chapters 6 and 7, you can interactively trace the steps required to create the work plans for the workpieces displayed. Finally, you can test your knowledge in a multiple choice quiz and obtain a certificate after correctly answering 70 percent of the questions. Subscribe to the training and learn online all the basics and things to know about SINUMERIK Operate.

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