Workpiece stop

Production of a workpiece stop

Every workshop should have one, a workpiece stop. Always went several identical parts must be machined, and the same machining steps must be repeated. The workpiece stop helps do this. For example, when drilling, it always ensures the same clamping length; the same is true when cutting or other machining steps. Using the adjustable joint of the workpiece stop, the optimum position of the workpiece stop needle can be set and fixed. An M8 cylinder screw allows the stop to be mounted.


The programs and files have been created and tested with the greatest care in accordance with the requirements listed in the manufacturing description. However, the manufacturing of the workpieces offered is at your own risk. Siemens accepts no liability for damage to property or personal injury. Workpiece manufacture is only permitted for private and not industrial use. Passing on the manufactured workpieces or production documents to a third party for commercial gain is strictly prohibited.