CNC snowman as a decoration for the Christmas tree or as a keyring

Even if there is no snow, the experienced CNC milling expert can produce his own snowman at any time.

The workpiece is milled from an aluminum disk. The NC program was generated using a CAD/CAM system. Therefore the contour and engraving only consist of G1/G2/G3 sets. The engraving section in the NC program can easily be replaced by individual lettering if the SINUMERIK engraving cycle is used.

All of the information required for production, drawings, tool data and nc-programs are compiled in the following.


The programs and files have been created and tested with the greatest care in accordance with the requirements listed in the manufacturing description. However, the manufacturing of the workpieces offered is at your own risk. Siemens accepts no liability for damage to property or personal injury. Workpiece manufacture is only permitted for private and not industrial use. Passing on the manufactured workpieces or production documents to a third party for commercial gain is strictly prohibited.