Extend the lifetime of your machines and plants

Integrated Drives Systems are at the heart of your machines and plants. They need to run both safely and reliably – often for decades and under harsh conditions. As a result they are frequently subject to extreme wear and tear, and these factors increase the risk of unscheduled downtime over the course of time. Retrofit for Integrated Drive Systems can avert these risks, and provide significant support for maintaining reliable plant operation over the long term.

As with new systems, retrofit solutions for Integrated Drive Systems take the entire drive train into account. This makes it possible to identify and utilize additional efficiency and energy-saving potential – for example, by using energy-efficient components and integrating them intelligently into the automation environment with the TIA Portal, or by implementing Remote Services and continuous Condition Monitoring.


Annett Stollberg, Retrofit Product Lifecycle Manager
Annett Stollberg, Retrofit Product Lifecycle Manager

Uwe Schulz, Retrofit Product Manager
Uwe Schulz, Retrofit Product Manager

Retrofits are a key factor in long-term investment security, and they are also a valuable investment in their own right. Thanks to the potential savings of energy, your investment in a retrofit usually pays off in just a few months, and quickly lowers operating costs over the long term by making additional potentials available.

Siemens offers an extensive retrofit program for Siemens products as well as other brands, from duplications, upgrading, and replacing individual components to implementing complex retrofit projects.


The best solution for every requirement

Ideal in particular for long-standing and proven configurations

Thanks to its 150 years of expertise, Siemens has access to original design plans worldwide. As a result, the new motor is an exact fit and allows a one-to-one replacement of the old motor.

Duplicating the motor 1:1

When drive trains have been in service for a very long time, a retrofit that involves duplicating the original motor 1:1 is a good option in specific situations. In these cases, the original parts are replaced with identical new components.

For 150 years, Siemens has been manufacturing drive train components in factories around the world and has an enormous inventory of original design plans on hand. As a result, many components can be duplicated 1:1. This means that proven drive train solutions that have been successful for years can remain essentially unchanged and the expensive requalification of new machines that would otherwise be required can often be eliminated.

Retrofit solutions from Siemens offer clear benefits

  • Higher productivity thanks to shorter standstill and downtimes as well as less maintenance work
  • Supply of spare parts is ensured for the long term, plus simplified spare-part management
  • Comprehensive upgrades to the latest standards, including topics such as Totally Integrated Automation, communication, and diagnosis
  • Improved energy efficiency as a result of an integrated approach