No time for downtime?

Maximize your plant availability with Factory Automation Services


The right response to demanding requirements

Manufacturers today are constantly confronted with ever growing challenges. Competitive pressure is increasing on a global scale, while market conditions are changing rapidly.

The high availability of plants and machines, along with resource- and cost-optimized production is a crucial success factor in industries such as automotive, aerospace, wind, and packaging. It helps substantially shorten time to market and forms the basis for minimizing production down times – and thus plays an important role in the competitiveness of the entire plant.

The key is to provide reliable support and service on the basis of a strategic concept, which leads to continuous optimization of plant operation, comprehensive preventive maintenance and the fastest possible repairs. The Factory Automation Services portfolio from Siemens covers these entire maintenance activities – paired with the manufacturer’s irreplaceable knowledge and experience.


Break and Fix

Restore machine’s required function as quick as possible in case failures arise.

Online Support

Stay up to date through fast and direct access to information about products, systems and services from Siemens.

Technical Support

Fast and expert answers to all technical questions with many customized service offers, from basic support to individual contracts.

Field Services

With qualified service staff, cutting-edge remote maintenance tools and comprehensive commissioning, maintaining and troubleshooting support, you’re in the best hands everywhere in the world.

Spare Parts

Maintain continuous part supply thanks to professional procurement, transport, customs handling as well as spare parts delivery round the clock.

Prevent and Optimize

Avoid unscheduled down times through comprehensive preventive maintenance and unleash hidden potential through continuous optimization.

Installed Base

Increase return on invest (ROI) by extending the phase of minimum failure rates through inspection, modernization and timely migration.

Inventory/Spare Parts Supply

Reduce operational expenditure (OPEX) by optimizing equipment and inventory through reduced inventory costs and guaranteed spare parts availability.

Technical Competences

Improve products/systems knowhow of your staff through technical trainings direct from the manufacturer with first-hand knowledge.
“Embedded Engineers”, Siemens’ on-site maintenance experts, to manage all maintenance related activities – our all-round carefree service offering for you.

Good reasons for Factory Automation Services from Siemens

  • Maximum plant availability and the most efficient use of all resources form the basis for lasting success in industrial production.
  • Factory Automation Services help you meet these challenges and strengthen your position in global competition.