Technology-based services that increase transparency and quality

»In times of shifting production locations, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) must work harder than ever to ensure that the equipment they deliver continues to operate uninterruptedly on nearly every continent. Service personnel must often be quickly dispatched to locations throughout the world, and they must know widely disparate regulations. Add to this high expenses for travel.«

These trends demand alternatives to the classic service business - such as preventive maintenance, remote maintenance, and condition monitoring - as well as compliance with the relevant security standards, of course. Another challenge is to increase the efficiency of internal service processes like hotlines. Siemens provides technology services that help OEMs increase the quality and efficiency of their service - resulting in satisfied end customers.

Fleet Management Services for OEMs

Professional OEM services are cost effective, improve the performance of machines in the field and deliver substantial value add to end users.

Our approach is to combine condition monitoring information from the installed base in the field with data from the service management, enrich the system with valuable software tools and consequently elevate the OEM service capability from reactive troubleshooting to proactive value generation.

This service provides a global service support infrastructure with customized software tailored to the current needs of the OEM service operations.


Siemens’ Fleet Management Services support OEMs in monitoring their globally installed base. Siemens provides OEMs with an appropriate platform on which they can deliver their own services. As a result, they can correct faults faster, shorten production downtimes, and significantly improve machine performance on site.

Fleet Management Services offer a global service infrastructure with custom software tailored to the current needs of the OEM’s service organization.

Service management assessment
We determine the actual situation in consultations and assessments on a partnership basis, and work jointly with the OEM to identify, devise, and implement options for developing best-in-class services. Siemens helps the OEM analyze the data derived from monitoring the condition of the installed base and link it with the data from the service-relevant IT systems. Powerful software tools - from a simple maintenance handbook to usage-dependent maintenance measures online via the Internet - help the customers continue to develop their services.

Working together as partners provides the ideal foundation for Siemens Fleet Management Services

  • Fleet connectivity:
    Fleet Management Services offer many functions, including remote access for fast error correction with various controllers as secure infrastructure for connecting new or previously installed plants and machinery in the field.

  • Fleet reliability:
    Field and machine data is automatically transmitted over a web-based platform using agent technology. This makes it possible to thoroughly monitor machines and components and to detect changes at an early stage, resulting in increased machine reliability.

  • Fleet intelligence:
    Agent technology automates the transmission of field data to this web–based platform so that devices can be configured on a case-by-case basis and the corresponding data. Standard interfaces and APIs (application programming interfaces) are used to connect and integrate third-party systems and other data sources. This makes customer-specific interfaces available, including application layers. Detecting changes early increases the reliability of plants and machinery. Mobile devices can be connected, too.

  • Fleet service optimization:
    This service allows to locate service technicians in the field at any time using geodata and to simulate deployment planning on this basis. The management tools provided enable to assess the effects of changes on the deployment plan and thus better coordinate the deployment of the service technicians and improve their workload balance.

  • Industrial Security & Threat Management:
    This service focuses on the construction of a secure architecture that supports the OEM in providing service. With strong encryption, virtual private networks (VPN), and firewalls, it establishes a secure connection between the OEM and each plant. It also hardens all of the OEM’s relevant automation components in order to reduce their risk of being influenced. To generate accurate reliable conclusions, all available data is used in data analyses (e.g. assessments of the fault rate, error trends, and filter and data aggregations).

These services are rounded off by the possibilities for analyzing data to improve the quality of service. Thanks to managed service infrastructure operations, engineering and plant construction companies can benefit from the expertise of Siemens specialists for comprehensively resolving all service questions.


  • With Siemens’ Fleet Management Services, OEMs lay the foundation for building their own custom service portfolios that they can use to help their customers optimize production processes related to their machines and stay ahead of the game thanks to improved reliability.

  • With this support, OEMs establish the transparency that they and their customers need to maintain a trusting, long–term business relationship. Both parties benefit in equal measure from the experience acquired and improvements to their service processes.

In addition, the expertise of Siemens specialists is available across company boundaries. Faults are corrected faster, and the optimized use of resources helps to lower costs. Maintenance measures are optimized and spare–part planning begins early on - through condition monitoring and evaluation of machine components. Preventive and condition–based maintenance measures can also be planned and conducted as an end-customer service, simultaneously increasing internal efficiency and quality within the service process.