Asset Analytics Services for Rotating Equipment

»Asset Analytics Services for Rotating Equipment comprises the continuous automated recording, analysis, and visualization of operating and condition-based data for the purpose of improving reliability and utility.«

Global competition and rapid innovation cycles in almost all branches of industry require a steady increase in productivity and the lowest possible costs. Moreover, decisions for or against investing in a machine are based on the plant or machine’s overall lifecycle costs.

Requirements to increase production while maintaining high quality, and to honor deadlines while keeping maintenance and service expenditures at a minimum are tremendous challenges for industry. Thus, production plant operators and OEMs share a common goal: the reliable, uninterrupted operation of all systems at the lowest possible cost.

Technology- and data-based services for improving availability and reliability

Siemens offers services based on a comprehensive online monitoring system, including expert condition monitoring in real time as well as visualization, reporting, and alarming, as well as detailed information on changes. Established Siemens condition monitoring technology continuously records and analyzes the relevant machine data.

For specific machines such as pumps, compressors, and centrifuges, operating data includes vibration, temperature, and voltage. Services encompass continuous operation and the support of experts when necessary.

Siemens’ Asset Analytics Services for Rotating Equipment
offer you:

  • Long-term improvement of machine utilization with lower lifecycle costs
  • Optimization of operational maintenance costs
  • Improved maintenance efficiency and effectiveness
  • Improved scheduling of maintenance and modernization activities
  • Component replacement based on actual wear
  • Early detection of machine faults
  • A sustained increase in plant availability and reliability



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