Asset Analytics Services

»Technology-based, Data-Driven Services for improvement of Availability and Reliability«

Global competition and fast innovation cycles in most industrial branches require steadily increasing productivity at the lowest possible cost. Decisions in favor of or against an investment are also based on the overall life-cycle costs of a plant or a machine.

The requirement to increase production whilst maintaining high quality, keeping deadlines, combined with low expenditure for maintenance and service, is a great challenge for the industry sector. Producers and OEM’s thus share the same goal: to have a reliable, continuous operation of all systems at minimized costs.

Asset Analytics Services answer the crucial questions regarding the condition of machines and services.

Upgrade and consulting

In an initial assessment with the customer, the facility or device is evaluated in terms of reliability and availability. This assessment thoroughly reveals whether and in which area(s) an improvement is necessary and/ or feasible. The results are recommended modernization measures to optimize plant performance, as well as a service concept.

Asset Transparency: offers automated information and visualization of the health condition of an asset or its critical components through

  • Remote access

  • Monitoring of health status and notification and alert / alarming function

  • Automated and detailed reporting

Asset Reliability: offers automated decision support and automated service workflows through

  • Diagnosis

  • Prediction of failure(s) and asset life-time

  • Optimization of service workflows

  • Demand-driven data analysis for root cause evaluation

Asset Intelligence: support in integrating and evaluating business and field data for the management of the installed base, in optimizing the business processes as well as the supply chain management through

  • Benchmarking

  • Contract and warranty management

  • Risk management for the facilities

  • Support with the design of technical plants and machines

  • Access to and query of raw data

Uptime Performance Management

Combined with other service offerings, Asset Analytics Services answer the customer’s needs. This may comprise e.g. continuous expert support for advanced data analysis or Lifecycle Services for dedicated equipment. This allows holistic management of availability for critical machines.

Your benefits with Asset Analytics Services from Siemens

  • In-depth knowledge of the asset's condition to enable condition-based, responsive maintenance
  • Diagnosis, predictive consulting and automated services to optimize maintenance and service activities
  • Decision support for optimized technical and commercial asset and plant management