Using the potential of the equipment efficiently

»Many companies still regard maintenance as a pure cost factor. However, factors which are directly influenced by the performance of the maintenance such as service life, machine speed and quality have considerable effects on financial results. Production failures are "hidden" costs, which need to be retraced and examined in order to achieve a maximum system output.«

Efficient equipment is more important than ever. A continuous maintenance concept increases the system efficiency and reduces the operating costs.

In standardized analyses on the basis of the PAS 55 Asset Management Standard and industry and sector benchmarks, Siemens identifies improvement potential in the asset management to make the potential for cost reduction and output increase of a system transparent.

The improvement potential that can actually be implemented only becomes obvious after an alignment workshop with the customer. The benchmark analysis provides evaluations in the reviewed categories of the asset management, but also values concerning the improvement potential.

Once measures have been defined after an alignment with the customer, they will be represented in an improvement concept with a time schedule and the required resources at Siemens' and the customer's end in form of a Project Plan. The elements of the concept include process definition, definition of the target organization with partly new roles and responsibilities and the introduction of suitable indexes for measuring success.

The precondition for a successful implementation is the unrestricted conviction and support from the executive management for bringing the project to a successful end. Even if the motivation of the people who put the plans into practice might wane during the implementation when everyday work has to be done, the management must insist on the necessity of the implementation of all the measures. This change management is indispensable for not falling back to "old habits" in a very short time thus losing the potentials.

Improved productivity, greater availability, lower costs

Of course we use the methods described here to guarantee a first class asset management and continuous improvement in all our contracts and agreements for you!

You will benefit from:

  • an improved system output, higher production capacities and a quality increase in the end product

  • an improved system reliability

  • an improved efficiency of your maintenance processes and reduced production unit costs

  • an extended system life cycle and reduced investment needs

  • optimized spare part stocks

  • minimized health and safety risks

  • integration of risk management and emergency plans

By optimizing the maturity degree of your asset management processes during the implementation phase and ensuring continuous improvement with adequate support from the corporate management during the consolidation phase, the asset management will become a real success factor for your company.