Integral Plant Maintenance – maintenance made to measure

»Along with plant operation, maintenance is an essential element of a plant’s lifecycle. The economic efficiency of a modern, highly complex plant with its CAPEX does not only depend on construction costs. The plant’s availability and respective costs during the operation phase are of vital importance. Moreover, quality and the desired throughput are significant factors of influence.«

Companies that want to remain efficient need to maintain their plants and machines continually and have them replaced by new ones if necessary. Production facilities should be made optimal use of, and unplanned production downtime should be avoided.

A strong partner for your maintenance requirements

  • Know-how
    1. Maintenance projects
      in many different
    2. Maintenance
    3. Interdisciplinary
      expert knowledge
  • Technologies
    1. Drive technology
    2. Automation
    3. 3rd party solutions
  • Resources
    1. Global Network
    2. 4000 maintenance employees
  • Methods
    1. CMMS
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Integral Plant Maintenance

We follow our customers’ maintenance philosophy

Siemens provides you with unequivocal decision support for the optimal selection of services and the development of a customized solution that suits your needs and business objectives.

Integral Plant Maintenance

  • You have efficient maintenance at your disposal
  • Maintenance is part of your core competence
  • You require support for your maintenance staff
Individual support of your maintenance team
Plant Maintenance Services
  • Stand-by
  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Integrated
  • You want to optimize maintenance processes
  • Maintenance is not your core competence
  • Contracting of maintenance and secondary processes is part of your business strategy
Asset management solutions
Responsibility for Maintenance management and implementation
Maintenance Consulting
Maintenance Outsourcing
  • Awareness
  • Analysis
  • Implementation
  • Operation

Siemens provides a wide range of service packages, from stand-by service for partial plants up to complete plant maintenance in modular service packages – all customized to your needs and your plant.

We deliver what we promise
with our performance-based contracts

  • Maximal availability through maintenance at the highest technical level
  • Plant efficiency through comprehensive consideration of technical and business requirements as well as your strategic business objectives
  • Maintenance cost transparency and predictable budgets
  • Optimized total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Flexibility in contract design and service delivery
  • Assurance and long-term partnership throughout the entire plant lifecycle



Topic overview

Plant Maintenance Services

Plant Maintenance Services

Long-term maintenance concepts for continuously high availability