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System test center Nuremberg

Load simulation for industrial and traction converters and motors

One of the largest and most modern of its kind - globally

The system test center covers an area of 4000 m2. Operational situations as well as different types of malfunctions can now be simulated for load tests under a variety of ambient conditions. Only stress tests performed under close to reality conditions can indicate whether a drive system will meet the demands of day to day operation.

Comprehensive testing for complete drive systems

Industrial or traction drives (AC and DC) - all Siemens supplied components are integrated and tuned in the test center for type, development or acceptance tests. This includes the drive software, sometimes the transformers, gearboxes and brakes as well as the cooling and other auxiliary systems.

Maximizing quality and reliability

To be able to provide highly reliable solutions for your application our drive systems are developed and proven in the system test center. Much reduced downtimes and minimized maintenance requirements reduce your operating costs and add to your bottom line. As a long term successful supplier Siemens has gained the experience how to integrate the individual components into a high quality system.

Safety and reliability are the target

The complete drive systems for different applications are put to the test. The load simulations comprise normal as well as extreme operating conditions for motors, converters, gears, brakes and other system components. Performance is analyzed for standard four-quadrant operation, resistive or line braking and over or under voltage situations. Also monitored are the heat development of braking resistors and the system behaviour under extreme operating conditions such as load steps, load shedding and shockloads. This in-depth analysis of every system component and all of them combined allows us to provide systems with the highest safety and reliability for applications in process and manufacturing industries as well as for public transportation on the railways around the globe.