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Traction drives

The only answer to a threatening traffic gridlock in urban conurbations: Permanently reducing the amount of road traffic by providing intelligent mass transportation. This must be safe, have a high degree of availability and reliability, cost-effective, comfortable – and at the same time environmentally friendly. As part of its extensive portfolio, Siemens is offering perfect transportation solutions that already today are ensuring the highest degree of mobility in the megacities of tomorrow.

Traction systems for subways and suburban railways, trams and mass transit trains

Traction systems from Siemens are both innovative and well-proven – and they distinguish themselves as a result of the highest degree of reliability but with minimum maintenance costs. Traction converters and motors are the core of the traction system. IGBT power semiconductors with integrated PWM inverters are used as traction converter. This solution permits an enormous cost-saving potential: These flexible converters use the energy that is regenerated when braking to supply the auxiliaries. Additional energy can be fed back into the traction power supply, which reduces the drive losses to a minimum and increases the level of availability.

Innovative direct drives using permanent-magnet technology

Less space, lower installation and maintenance costs, quieter operation and efficiencies that are between 1 and 3 % higher: When compared to conventional solutions with gear units, these innovative direct drives utilizing permanent-magnet motors offer a whole raft of advantages. Thanks to the smaller dimensions, they can be fully integrated into the bogie and do not require gear unit, couplings or their own bearings. Instead, they use the wheelset bearings that are being used anyway. The Syntegra traction unit is a special highlight of the Siemens portfolio. Syntegra is used for subways and suburban railways. Syntegra sets standards when it comes to cost-effectiveness and environmental compatibility. In 2007, it won the “Intelligence for traffic and logistics” innovation award. The fully encapsulated traction motor protects the winding against dirt and moisture – for maintenance-free operation and a very long service life.

High-speed trains

Increasingly faster, safer and comfortable: State-of-the-art high-speed trains play a decisive role when it comes to efficiently linking large metropolitan areas. The Velaro E, developed by Siemens, is the best example of this. Clocked at aspeed of 403.7 km/h, it holds the worldspeed record for standard trains. An essential feature of the Velaro is the distributed drive concept where power cars are not used. The complete electrical equipment in conventional traction systems is accommodated in the power car. In the case of the Velaro, it is distributed across the carriages of the train where it is mounted under the floor. This ensures a significantly higher starting force, higher acceleration rates and a more effective utilization of passenger space per train length.