SIMOTICS FD Flexible Duty Motors

General description

In the power range from 200 kW upwards SIMOTICS FD is the basis for a complete, cost-effective system comprised of a motor and drive with a high power density. Using a wide range of versions, the motors can be flexibly and efficiently used in the widest range of applications and sectors. The motors are rugged and durable as a result of their cast iron frame. The water-cooled motors allow an extensive range of other applications to be addressed.



SIMOTICS FD explosion-protected motors

SIMOTICS FD marine motors

SIMOTICS FD crane motors

SIMOTICS FD energy storage

    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Enclosed air-cooled


    Open air-cooled

    Self ventilation (IC411)
    Forced ventilation (IC416)

    Water jacket cooling (IC71W)
    Heat exchanger (IC86W)

    Self ventilation (IC01)
    Forced ventilation (IC06)

    Power range:

    200 up to 1200 kW

    200 up to 1500 kW

    200 up to 1800 kW

    Shaft height:

    315, 355, 400, 450

    Line supply voltages:

    50 Hz line supplies: 400 / 500 / 690 V
    60 Hz line supplies: 460 / 575 V (other voltages on request)

    Rated speed:

    750 - 3600

    Type of construction:

    IM B3, IM B 35, IM V1, IM V15, IM V5, IM V6 acc. to DIN EN 60034-7

    Degree of protection:

    IP55, IP56 non heavy sea, IP65



    Motor specifically designed for converter operation and optimized for SINAMICS converters

    Motor specifically designed for converter operation and optimized for SINAMICS converters or motor for line operation (DOL motor) (only IC71W)

    Motor specifically designed for converter operation and optimized for SINAMICS converters

    Type of bearing:

    Rolling-contact bearing

    Customer benefits

    Extensive range of cooling methods

    With SIMOTICS FD, you simply adapt the cooling method to address your particular requirements. You can select between open and enclosed versions – with self-ventilation or forced ventilation. Further, there are also water-cooled versions with water jacket cooling or air-water heat exchangers.

    Rugged and easy to connect

    The following characteristic features make SIMOTICS FD a great choice when it comes to the original equipping and retrofit:

    • High power density but with low envelope dimensions

    • High overload capability

    • Low noise level

    • User friendly terminal box with diagonal split

    • Flexible terminal box position

    • Housing design with internal cooling fins

    • Various encoder systems

    • Wide range of options with various sector packages

    • Country- or sector-specific approvals

    Cost-effective combination: SIMOTICS and SINAMICS

    The combination of SIMOTICS FD and low-voltage frequency converter SINAMICS G120P Cabinet, SINAMICS G130, SINAMICS G150, SINAMICS S120, SINAMICS S120 CM or SINAMICS S150 is especially cost-effective as the motor and drive are precisely coordinated and harmonized with one another. The rated motor currents are adapted to the frequency converter output currents and the motor is designed for the rated frequency converter pulse frequency. This means that the drive is not overdimensioned, and an optimum voltage utilization is ensured with low noise emission when operated from SINAMICS G and SINAMICS S drives.

    Integrated Drive Systems

    We offer our highly efficient motors in terms of Integrated Drive Systems to ensure even more energy saving potential. Not only are they perfectly matched to frequency converters, but also to couplings and gear units and seamlessly integrated into the automation landscape. Integrated tools and service concepts over the whole life cycle are also part of it.

    Typical applications

    • Pumps

    • Fans

    • Compressors

    • Conveyor systems

    • Cranes

    • Extruders

    • Bow thruster drives

    in the following sectors: Water & Waste water, Chemical industry, Paper, Oil & Gas, Marine, Cement industry, Mining and Energy.