Smoke Extraction Motors

Reliable ventilation even at high temperatures

General description

The certified smoke extraction motors have been specially developed for buildings or construction sites with smoke control systems. Our smoke extraction motors can even cope with high ambient temperatures safely. In the event of an accident, they reduce the heat loading on the building and keep access and escape routes smoke-free.

Smoke extraction motors have two important double functions:

Standard operation (fan):

  • Ventilation or extraction under standard conditions, for instance KT -20 ... +40°C

Operation under fault conditions (fire):

  • Maintaining evacuation and access routes free of smoke

  • Facilitate firefighting by creating a smoke-free layer

  • Preventing / delaying fire flashovers

  • Protecting devices and equipment

  • Minimizing the thermal stress of components

  • Extracting thermal decomposition products and hot gases quickly from the fire location, therefore reducing the subsequent damage caused by fire

Smoke extraction motors

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    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Voltage and power ranges:

    0.37 kW - 200 kW All commonly used voltages

    Frame sizes and designs:

    80 M - 315 L All common construction types

    Rated speed and rated torque:

    1000 - 3000 min -1
    2.6 - 1546 Nm

    Customer benefits


    Temperature in °C

    Minimum function duration in min






    120 (Minimum time according to standard: 60 min)

    Temperature-time classification in accordance with EN 12101 – 3 June 2002

    Typical applications

    Our new certified smoke extraction motors have been specially developed for highly frequented public buildings such as night clubs, shopping malls, movie theatres, airports, enclosed car parks as well as industrial buildings, staircases, tunnels, etc.