SIMOTICS HV C air-cooled (LV version)

Extremely reliable, low vibration levels and flexible – with a unique power density

General description

SIMOTICS HV C air-cooled is the new ultracompact, extremely reliable high-voltage and trans-standard motor for applications in safe areas (where there is no risk of explosion) – as well as a hazardous Zones 2 and 22 with types of protection Ex ec and Ex tc. The real highlight is the revolutionary cooling concept, which is used for all air-cooled versions of this platform. Fin cooling, tube cooling and an internal cooling circuit are smartly combined, and in conjunction with the vibration-optimized, rugged enclosure design, ensure a long service life and reliability – even when operating under extreme conditions. They have a very low noise level and have a unique power density with approximately 10 – 15% higher power output from the same frame size.

The innovative design concept ensures maximum flexibility when it comes to integrating the drives in plants and systems – and also reduces the cabling costs. Another plus point is that now all compact, air-cooled high-voltage and trans-standard motors – whether with or without explosion protection – now share a standard platform. The associated standard construction and handling principles reduce costs over the complete lifecycle: extending from planning and procurement through engineering and plant/system integration up to service, storage and spare part management.

But there's more: Using the optional SIMOTICS CONNECT 600 connector box, SIMOTICS HV C can be integrated into the digital SIDRIVE IQ platform. This facilitates Cloud-based analysis of the status data, therefore allowing the drive system to be subsequently optimized.

A unique power density, extremely reliable operation, highest degree of flexibility and optimized vibration behavior are the result of this sophisticated and proven SIMOTICS HV C design.

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    Your advantages

    • Less space required and simpler integration into plants and systems as a result of the extremely compact design

    • Very safe and reliable – even in extreme environments

    • Extremely long lifetime as a result of the optimized temperature distribution

    • Minimized noise levels reduce noise attenuation measures/costs

    • Low weight simplifies handling and transport

    • Extremely low vibration operation ensures a long plant/system lifetime

    • Increased flexibility in plants and systems and simplified installation as a result of the variable terminal box position

    • Better protection for cabling

    • Accelerated project execution for fast time-to-market

    • Maximum plant & system transparency and boosted productivity by integrating into digital system concepts using SIDRIVE IQ

    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Power range:

    Up to 2 MW

    Shaft heights:

    355 – 560 mm

    Number of poles:

    2 – 8

    Rated voltage:

    380 – 690 V (also available in a high-voltage version)

    Degree of protection:

    IP55 – IP66

    Cooling method:

    IC411, IC416

    Operation mode:

    VSD / DOL

    Explosion protection:

    Ex ec, Ex tb


    • Cooling system that combines the inner cooling circuit with tube cooling

    • Extremely high power density that sets standards in the market

    • Improved cooling – where hotspots are reliably avoided

    • Vibration-optimized design of the motor mounting feet

    • Very compact, service-optimized terminal box with a multitude of possible positions

    • Cable routing inside the motor

    • Very short delivery times with high on-time delivery

    • Data Matrix Code for fast, simple access to individual motor data from mobile devices

    • Status data can be analyzed via SIDRIVE IQ as well as digital service concepts – also Cloud-based

    Applications – by industry

    • Oil & Gas

    • Chemical & petrochemical

    • Mining

    • Marine

    • Pulp industry

    • Cement

    • Water and wastewater

    • Metals

    • Power generation