IEC Motors

IEC Motors

Our motors in accordance with IEC standard are equipped in series with a whole host of features for maximum profitability. They are universally usable and through various options optimally adaptable to their respective task. At the same time the motors are very compact at a high efficiency.

IEC Motors

Siemens has a wide range of IEC low voltage AC induction motors up to 4MW.

Our IEC motors provide a high reliability and efficiency, are suitable for all industries and applications, meet all standard requirements and fulfill international and local regulations.

SIMOTICS GP motors with aluminum are suitable for a wide range of standard drive applications in the industrial environment

SIMOTICS SD motors in gray cast iron are rugged especially made for aggressive atmospheres.

SIMOTICS XP motors in gray cast iron are explosion-protected, also available with “increase safety” “e”, flameproof enclosure “d” (Ex de IIC), non-sparking design “n” (Ex nA IIC) and with increased safety "t" (Ex tb IIIC, Ex tc IIIB).

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