Diverse range of modular cooling types for maximum flexibility and performance

SIMOTICS HV specialized motors with synchronous technology meet the requirements of the most specific applications e. g. in Oil & Gas, Mining and Shipbuilding.

The specialized motors with synchronous technology have been designed to address industrial applications that demand a very application and industry specific design. Examples include high-speed compressor drives for compressors with up to 100 MW and higher, gearless ring drives for ore mills, gearless drives for excavators and POD drives for ships.

Specialized Motors

Below are different specialized high voltage synchronous motors for specific applications in Oil & Gas, Mining and Shipbuilding.

SIMOTICS HV Series High Speed Synchronous

simotics hv high speed synchronous

Modular high voltage synchronous motors, with power ratings extending up to 100 MW (or higher on request) and with speed ratings up to 7000 rpm, specifically designed for compressor applications with very high power and speed ratings.

  • Rated voltages: 2.4  – 13.8 kV

  • Power range: 15 – 100 MW and higher

  • Degree of protection: IP23 – IP56

  • Cooling type: air/water heat exchanger

  • Speed: 3000 – 7000 rpm

Integrated Drive Systems

With Siemens Integrated Drive Systems you get the perfect match of all components on three integration levels.

Integrated Drive Systems