SIMOTICS HV Series High Speed Synchronous

The key to maximum plant availability – setting the benchmark when it comes to reliability in power ranges up to 100 MW and higher

simotics hv series high speed

High voltage motors from 15 MW up to 100 MW and higher with speeds up to 7000 rpm in the double digit MW range. Since decades the Dynamowerk in Berlin sets the benchmark when it comes to highest power ratings combined with highest speeds. All parts of the motor are perfectly harmonized: Enclosure, bearings, ventilation, cooling, stator, windings, and the solid rotor which even at high speeds optimally copes with the high centrifugal forces. These features combined with integrated safety functionalities and a medium voltage converter tailored to this motor, provide a maximum plant availability.

Degree of protection

Your Benefits

  • Reliable even under extreme conditions

  • Low total cost of ownership

  • Reduced stress on the complete plant

  • Precise and flexible process control

  • Simple and quick ramp up and ramp down of the plant

  • Short commissioning times

  • Short project run times

  • Perfect interplay within the drive system

  • Low operating costs

Technical data overview

Brief overview

Motor technology:

Synchronous motor with solid  rotor

Power range:

15 – 100 MW and higher


3000 – 7000 rpm

Rated voltages:

2.4 – 13.8 kV

No. of poles:

2 – 4 poles

Degree of protection:

IP23 – IP56

Cooling type:

IC 81 W, IC 86 W

Explosion protection:

Ex nA, Cl1, Div2; Ex p


> 98 %


  • Rugged design

  • Long service live and low maintenance concept

  • Extremely low vibration operation

  • Wide speed control range

  • Short drive system response times

  • Intensive system tests before being integrated into the plant

  • Short delivery times

  • Perfectly harmonized and coordinated with the SINAMICS GL150 medium-voltage converter

  • Highest  motor efficiencies

Applications – by industry

Oil & Gas


In the Oil & Gas industry applications SIMOTICS HV Series High Speed Synchronous are focusing on compressor applications with highest power and highest speeds, such as particularly large gas pipelines, gas storage facilities and all electric gas liquefaction plants (LNG) with power rations of 70 MW, 80 MW and higher.


In the metals industry SIMOTICS HV Series High speed synchronous are used for blast furnace blowers in the high double digit Megawatt range with a blow rate of several 100,000 m3  per hour.


Compatible Converters



High power and starting converter LCI MV drive

  • 1.4 – 85+ MVA; up to 12 kV

  • Air- and water-cooled

  • Highest power density per m2

  • Utilizes reliable Thyristor technology