SIMOTICS HV Series Metals

For the highest continuous quality – Rolling mill main motors for a maximum reliability, precision and dynamic performance

simotics h compact

High voltage synchronous motors specifically designed for main rolling mill drives set themselves apart as a result of their extremely smooth running properties and dynamic performance. This results in maximum quality of the rolled metal and the highest throughput of the plant.

Degree of protection

Your Benefits

  • Optimum adaptation to the torque and speed requirements of the rolling process

  • Sufficient power reserves for process tolerances and the ability to add new steel types to the range

  • Short reversing times for a high throughput

  • Power reserves for high throughput. Constant tension over the complete speed range, outstanding control dynamic performance secures consistently high quality of the rolled material

  • Absorbs the axial forces of gearless rolling stands even in fault situations

  • Continuous disturbance-free motor operation for the highest degree of availability of the complete plant

  • Low capital investment, lower lifecycle costs

  • Cost/time saving for retrofits

  • Process know-how secures high-quality, competent service

Technical data overview

Brief overview

Motor technology:

Synchronous motor with laminated cylindrical rotor

Power range:

0.5 – 16.5 MW


20 – 1500 rpm (typical base speed: 50 – 900 rpm)

Rated voltages:

1.5 – 3.3 kV

Shaft heights:

800 – 1400 mm

Degree of protection:

IP44, IP54

Cooling type:

IC 86 W, IC 37

Overload capability:

up to 275 % M rated


up to 2460 kNm


  • Wide speed control range with constant power rating (field weakening)

  • Overload capability up to 275 % of the rated torque: minimum speed changes – also for maximum load changes (e. g. for the load impact of heavy passes)

  • Low moment of inertia, e. g. for reversing motors

  • Slip-ring excitation

  • Pedestal bearings for high power ratings: can withstand axial surge loads of up to 700 tons

  • Rugged technology with a long service life

  • Compact, material-optimized motor design

  • Adapted to address customer requirements: e. g. existing foundations

  • Large installed base – more than 3300 rolling mill motors worldwide

Applications – by industry


With an installed base of more than 3300 motors, our main rolling mill motors prove their reliability, smooth running quality and dynamic performance every day around the globe. They can be found in hot and cold rolling mills, sectional steel, rod and plate rolling mills, where they are used for carbon and stainless steels as well as for aluminum and other non-ferrous metals.

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