SIMOTICS HV HP (synchronous)

Accelerated projects, less effort and maximized plant availability


SIMOTICS HV HP is a platform motor which is characterized by a unique grade of modularity and adaptability to customer specific requirements.

The standardized platform concept of SIMOTICS HV HP combines the advantages of a serial production like short lead times, fast offer and order performance, improved quality and documentation and high delivery reliability with the advantages of tailor-made solution which can be flexibly and efficiently adjusted to your requirements.

With the SIMOTICS HV HP for the first time taylor-made motors of the topmost power range are available in the Siemens configuration tools: for an easy selection and configuration, accelerated offer performance and reduced efforts.

With a multitude of possible options and its wide speed range SIMOTICS HV HP can cover many complex applications in various industries like oil and gas industry, chemicals, metals and marine for applications like compressors, pumps, extruders, refiner, generators and fans & blowers.

SIMOTICS HV HP is able to realize efficiency rates of close to 99 % for the synchronous version by optimized motor design.

The motors are optimized for DOL operation and also for operation with SINAMICS MV converters, which leads to reliable and cost effective drive systems over the whole life cycle.

Degrees of protection

Video: Partial discharge measurement and online analysis for HV-motors

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    Your benefits

    • Accelerated projects - Siemens configuration tools

    • Reduced efforts and time saving

    • Short lead times, fast offer and order performance, improved quality and documentation and high delivery reliability

    • Taylor-made solution with wide range of options, certificates and standards

    • Efficiently adjusted to individual requirements

    • Increased plant availability - Fast and easy access to spare parts due to largely standardization

    • Fast implementation - Standardized interfaces

    • High reliability and low vibrations even in rough ambient conditions - Innovative baseframe design

    • Reduced operating costs

    • 3D structure models - PLM software Unigraphics NX and Teamcenter

    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Motor technology:


    Power range:

    3 - 70 MW


    130 - 3600 rpm

    Rated voltages:

    3 - 13.8 kV

    Cooling type:

    IC 81W / IC 86W / IC 616 / IC 666 / IC01 / IC31 / WPII


    IM1001, IM1101, IM1205, IM1305


    Up to 98.8 %


    • Available for applications in extreme temperatures and rough ambient conditions

    • High power applications with special start-up requirements

    • Highest efficiency values

    • For explosive environments such as gas: Zone 1 / 2 designed as Ex n, Ex p or  Class1, Division II
      Dust protection is also available: Zone 22 designed as Ex pD

    • Fulfills all major standards and specifications e.g. API, Certificate TR CU, CSA, NEMA and other national norms

    • Optimized baseframe leads to high mechanical rigidity, improved rotor dynamic and low noise levels and noise protection

    Applications – by industry

    Oil & Gas

    Oil & Gas

    Chemical and Petrochemical

    Chemical and Petrochemical

    Fiber Industries

    Fiber Industries

    In the oil & gas industry applications SIMOTICS HV HP motors are focusing on high-power oil pipeline pumps, gas pipeline compressors and gas to liquid compressors. In support of these applications the motors are available with special coating systems resistant to corrosion in aggressive or salty marine environment, designed for high impact loads, available with explosion protection for zone 2 (Ex n) and zone 1 (Ex p), as well as satisfying key oil & gas standards like API (API 541, API 546).

     Compressor pumps

    In the petrochemical Industry SIMOTICS HV HP motors are mainly used for high power mixer and extruder applications, with features such as special coating systems resistant to corrosion in chemical, aggressive ambient air environments, special design for high impact loads, and explosion protection for zone 2 (Ex n) and zone 1 (Ex p). Air separation applications such as air compressors are also covered by this motor.

     Compressors Pumps Extruders

    The main application field of SIMOTICS HV HP in the pulp & paper industry are high power refiners.



    Power Generation

    Power Generation



    In the metals industry SIMOTICS HV HP asynchronous motors can be found in select rolling mill applications.

     Fan blowers

    In the energy sector SIMOTICS HV HP motors are focusing on particularly large ID fans, boiler fed pumps and IGCC compressors.

     Compressors Pumps Fan blowers

    For marine applications, SIMOTICS HV HP motors are especially suitable as main propulsion drives with very high power ratings. Either as direct drive for cruise ships or geared drive for LNG tankers and cargo vessels, SIMOTICS HV HP sets itself apart as a result of its high system efficiency and quiet operation.

     Main propulsion thrusters

    Compatible Converters

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    sinamics gh180


    Cell-based MV drive featuring an integrated transformer

    sinamics sm120


    Customized MV drive system for special requirements



    Single motor MV drive with 3-level voltage source

    sinamics sm150


    Single/multi motor MV drive with 3-level voltage source

    sinamics GL150


    High power and starting converter LCI MV drive