SIMOTICS HV Asynchronous Squirrel Cage Specialized Motors (IEC)

Motors designed for the specific requirements of more complex or advanced applications

With a power rating of up to 30 MW, the specialized high voltage motors provide motor designs built specifically to suit the specific requirements of a complex application or to maximize the performance and implementation with an applications drive system concept. Siemens expertise in various industries and applications has equipped us to identify situations where we can provide a design specifically optimized for a challenging application or where the requirements of the application exceed the normal capabilities of our main motor designs. The demands of applications like high speed compressors up to 15,900 rpm, subsea pumps, specific injection pumps, rolling mill or ship motors.

Specialized Motors

Below are different specialized asynchronous squirrel cage motors that are tailored to your applications specific requirements.

SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn


The SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn is well tailored to the challenging requirements of high speed compressors.

Integrated Drive Systems

With Siemens Integrated Drive Systems you get the perfect match of all components on three integration levels.

Integrated Drive Systems