SIMOTICS DC motors series 7 - shaft height 355-450

General description

The SIMOTICS DC motors series 7, shaft heights 355, 400 and 450 were developed using computer-aided design techniques. The thermal and magnetic utilization as well as the mechanical design are optimized. The rotor slots have been designed for low inductance and the main pole shape for uniform magnetic utilization. The result is a higher power density, perfect commutation and low-noise operation. The high-quality DURIGNIT 2000® insulation system and degrees of protection up to IP55 permit the motors to even be used in humid, tropical and aggressive industrial environments.
Computer-aided design and therefore optimization of the electromagnetic properties: For higher outputs and higher speeds.

DC Motor

Technical data overview

Brief overview

Power range:

176 - 1020 kW

Rated armature voltage:

DC 420 to 810 V


Separately excited

Shaft heights:

355 to 450 mm

Number of poles:



up to 2200 rpm

Degree of protection:

IP23 and IP54

Type of construction:

IM B3, IM B35 , IM V1 and others

Cooling type:

IC06 / IC17 / IC37 / IC A06 A66 / IC W37 A86

Stator design:

Fully laminated




Converter operation, 1Q and 4Q, S1 - S9


Extremely rugged components - for the toughest applications

Frame, bearing end shields and shafts of the motors are torsionally stiff and extremely rugged for

  • the highest mechanical smooth-running qualities up to vibration severity level SR in compliance withDIN EN 60034-14

  • use in the widest range of areas, e.g. grinding machines or rolling mills 

Extremely quiet

When designing the motor, we did everything we could to minimize the noise.
Just one example of many: The special main pole shape, which prevents magnetic force pulsations.
Another one: The optimized separately-driven fan.
Higher power density for low-noise operation.

Equipped for every application with IP23 and IP54 or IP55

Siemens DC motors are available with degrees of protection IP23 and IP54 or IP55. This always guarantees the optimum solution - even under the toughest environmental conditions.

Customer benefits

  • Low space requirements for innovative machine solutions

  • High availability for cost-effective operation

  • Low noise construction

  • Extremely low vibrations and torque ripple

Typical applications

  • Lift and cableway drives

  • Rolling mill drives and winders

  • Hoisting and travel gear drives for cranes

  • Extruders in the plastics industry

  • Drives for printing machines

  • Drives for paper machines