Industrial Generators SIGENTICS Series Small Hydro

Long product lifespan and low lifecycle costs – the result of the highest quality standards

You’re facing a growing demand for renewable energy resulting from the increasing importance of cleaner energy and higher energy efficiency. The need for different hydro turbines to be compatible is yet another factor involved in the diverse challenges in the renewable energy generation environment. The SIGENTICS generators in the Small Hydro Series are efficient, flexible, and sustainable. For generator operations in small hydro power plants (up to 20 MVA), they deliver the highest levels of efficiency, sustainability, robustness, a long product lifecycle, and low maintenance. They have a very flexible design with different cooling types, and they provide a fast response to changes in load demands within seconds.

SIGENTICS HV Series Small Hydro

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    High-quality and robust

    The synchronous generators for small hydro power plants SIGENTICS Series Small Hydro are characterized by robustness and high availability. These generators with MICALASTIC ® insulation offer water or air cooling and offer a product lifetime of more than 30 years. With their tough construction, generators in the SIGENTICS Series Small Hydro deliver reliable operation in harsh environments and the highest possible plant and system availability. The series also ensures very low vibration levels thanks to the rigid modular housing. Both cost and time savings are realized through disruption-free operation and low operation and maintenance costs.

    High efficiency for the highest energy yield

    The SIGENTICS Series Small Hydro generators offer an outstanding efficiency of up to 98 percent. These very high efficiency levels are obtained thanks to the low-loss material used in their construction and the efficient interaction of all mechanical and electrical processes., A maximum energy yield, eco-sustainability, high ROI, and cost-effective and emission-free power generation are the result.

    Hydropower-specific design

    The electrical parameters of the SIGENTICS Series Small Hydro are flexible and customized for each small hydropower plant. Due to their fast response to changes in load demands – within seconds – they are perfectly tailored for hydro power applications.  These hydro power generators feature a modular and compact design. Compact design adaptations are also possible and can be precisely configured (with 3D simulation), which makes the series a customer-friendly interface concept. The innovative system designs lead to shorter project execution time and easy integration.

    Global service and support network

    In the event of emergency situations, the Siemens worldwide service network’s 24/7 hotline and presence in 190 countries allows us to deliver a fast and flexible reaction. Long-term service agreements with up to 60 months of warranty after delivery let you sleep well at night. Based on our experience and knowledge from more than 150 years in the field of electricity and power generation, we are your reliable and trusted partner at your side.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Flexibility
      Hydropower-specific design with flexible electrical parameters

    • Investment security through high quality
      Protect your investment with a very long product lifecycle of more than 30 years and the highest availability

    • Return on investment
      Efficiency up to 98 percent for the highest energy yield and eco-sustainability

    • Your trusted partner, always close at hand
      As your local partner, we are always nearby with our global service network, production facilities, and branch offices. Thanks to our local presence worldwide, you’ll benefit from significantly faster delivery – which means that you can start production sooner.

    SIGENTICS Series Small Hydro in detail

    Technical description

    The synchronous generator series for small hydro power plants comprises self-excited, brushless salient pole machines or cylindrical pole machines with a welded housing. They consist of the main machine, the exciter, and a static excitation unit with an automatic voltage regulator. The exciter rotor is mounted directly on the generator shaft along with the rotating rectifier assembly. Thanks to the low-loss material used and the efficient interaction of all mechanical and electrical processes in the generators, very high efficiency levels are obtained.

    The rigid modular housing also ensures very low vibration levels. Several readily accessible service windows and the rectifier bridge extending to the non-drive end of the machine ensure easy maintenance, even in restricted spaces.

    Technical data

    Brief overview

    Machine type

    Synchronous generator with salient pole rotor or cylindrical pole rotor

    Frame sizes

    400 mm - 1,120 mm

    Output range

    500 kVA - 20 MVA


    500 rpm - 1,800 rpm


    50 Hz / 60 Hz


    380 V - 15 kV


    Up to 98%

    Insulation class

    155 (F), 180 (H) - only for LV

    Type of cooling system

    IC 01, IC 31, IC 81 W

    Degree of protection

    IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55

    Mounting format

    Horizontaly or verticaly mounted, flanged bearing shield, or shaft end




    A huge fleet of our active generators for small hydro power plants are currently in use for a variety of applications. This extensive experience allows us to provide you with generators that deliver a unique and outstanding performance.

    River weirs

    River weirs

    Pump storage power stations

    Pump storage power stations



    Small or no reservoir capacity

    Only minimal impact of natural environment and power is generated from renewable energy

    Supplies energy for high peak demand

    Combined with pumps to regulate energy and water balance

    Energy is generated by height difference

    Penstock delivers water from the reservoir to the turbine

    Tidal power plants

    Tidal power plants

    daily rise and fall of ocean water

    adapt to changing power charges

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