Industrial Generators SIGENTICS Series Turbine Driven

Highly efficient, reliable, and flexible turbine generators

A fast and precise adaption of changing power networks and loads are key challenges for the diverse turbine-driven applications in generator environments. In addition to a long lifecycle and robust construction that can withstand extreme environments, efficiency, flexibility, and reliability are also a must. The Siemens Industrial Generators Turbine-Driven Series easily meets all of these requirements. The result: high efficiency and high energy yields combined with low lifecycle costs and top performance. The modular design allows the generators to be used for steam as well as gas turbine applications.

SIGENTICS HV Series Turbine Driven

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    Highest quality standards

    The SIGENTICS HV Series Turbine Driven features a very long product lifecycle and the highest availability – even in harsh environments. This brushless synchronous generator series for turbine-driven applications with integrated MICALASTIC® insulation can be adapted for both steam and gas applications (indoor and outdoor installation). The series provides the best possible quality with its cylindrical rotor and reduced vibration and noise issues, and it offers a product lifespan of more than 30 years. The turbine-driven generator series delivers protection against dirt, humidity, and tough environments through thermal endurance and mechanical strength. This high plant and system availability leads to minimum downtime, low lifecycle costs, low maintenance effort, and overall cost and time savings.

    Large energy yield

    The generator series offers an outstanding efficiency of up to 98.3 percent. These very high efficiency levels and the low fuel consumption result in cost savings, a high ROI, and a maximum energy yield, with best-in-class performance up to 25 MVA for demanding turbine applications.

    Modular configuration for steam and gas turbines

    The electrical parameters of the turbine-driven generator series can be flexibly adapted for both steam and gas turbines. Custom solutions can be provided for each application using 3D simulation, for either onshore or offshore operation. Thanks to its modular design, the series enables innovative customer system designs that result in an easy and seamless integration for a disturbance free application.

    Global service network

    In the event of emergency situations, the Siemens worldwide service network’s 24/7 hotline and a presence in 190 countries allows us to deliver a fast and flexible reaction. Based on our experience and expertise from more than 150 years in the field of electricity and power generation, we are your reliable and trusted partner at your side.

    Your benefits at a glance

    • Investment security through the highest quality standards
      Protect your investment with a very long product lifecycle of more than 30 years, the highest availability, and with low maintenance

    • Return on investment
      Large energy yield delivers a high ROI and top performance up to 25 MVA for demanding turbine applications

    • Flexible design
      Modular design concept offers high configuration flexibility for steam and gas turbine applications

    • Your trusted partner, always close at hand
      As your local partner, we are always nearby with our global service network, production facilities, and branch offices. Thanks to our local presence worldwide, you’ll benefit from significantly faster delivery – which means that you can start your production sooner.

    SIGENTICS HV Series Turbine Driven in detail

    Technical description

    The brushless synchronous generators for turbine-driven applications SIGENTICS HV Series Turbine Driven feature a compact design with low overall dimensions and weight. Benefiting from Siemens’ extensive industry expertise, flexible engineering, and 3D CAD systems, the generators are based on a modular design concept that shrinks delivery time and reduces vibration output. The generator has a cylindrical rotor and welded housing. The short-circuit current can be maintained for a sufficient amount of time until the short-circuit protection is activated.

    Technical data

    Brief overview

    Machine type

    Synchronous generator with cylindrical pole rotor

    Frame sizes

    900 mm - 1,340 mm

    Output range

    4 MVA - 25 MVA


    1,500 rpm - 1,800 rpm


    50 Hz / 60 Hz


    3.3 - 18 kV


    Up to 98.3%

    Insulation class

    155 (F)

    Type of cooling system

    IC 01, IC 31, IC 81 W, IC616, IC611

    Degree of protection

    IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55

    Mounting format

    Horizontal feet mounted, flanged bearing shield, or shaft end


    IEC60034, marine certification (DNV-GL, ABS, BV, LRS, CSS, RINA, RMRS, …), IEC 60079, CSA, EAC TR CU

    Ex standards

    Zone 2 (1): Ex pZ
    Zone 2: Ex nA


    A huge fleet of our active turbine-driven generators are currently in use for steam and gas turbine applications. This extensive experience allows us to provide you with generators that deliver a unique and outstanding performance.

    Steam Turbine applications

    • Turbogenerators with speeds of 1,500 and 1,800 rpm are suitable for use in Oil & Gas, Marine and processing industries

    • The generator’s connection to the turbine can be modularly adapted for diverse industrial and application requirements

    • Oil & Gas: meets the highest safety and impregnation requirements

    • Power generation: reduced vibration and highest availability

    • Minimum downtime required for processing industries (Pulp & Paper, Chemical industry, Sugar & Ethanol)

    Gas Turbine applications

    • Turbogenerators with speeds of 1,500 and 1,800 rpm are suitable for Power generation, Oil & Gas and Marine

    • High generator quality and efficiency leads to cost savings, low maintenance, and a high ROI

    • Power generation: robust steel housing results in low vibration

    • Oil & Gas: robustness and safety for oil rigs


    Chemical & Petrochemical

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