SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn

The SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn provides a comprehensive generator solution for all turbine applications in the power range from 25 MVA - 70 MVA. The 4-pole synchronous generator can be configured to customer requirements by using predefined options - onshore and offshore, island mode and grid operation.

SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn is designed in one shaft height and four different housing lengths. This generator design provides a customer friendly interface concept by reducing variants in anchor bolt positions, piping flanges and grid connections.

The generator is available with air-water cooling in the IC8A1W7, directly air-cooled with the IC3A1 and featuring air-to-air cooling in the IC616 both in 50 Hz and 60 Hz configurations. Shaft line vibration levels are within ISO limits.

SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn

Product view

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    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Machine type

    Synchronous generator with salient pole rotor, 4-pole




    25 MVA - 70 MVA


    1500 / 1800 rpm


    50 Hz and 60 Hz


    10 - 13.8 kV

    Type of cooling system

    - Air-to-water cooled as per IC8A1W7
    - Directly air cooled as per IC3A1
    - Air-to-air cooling IC6A6A6, IC6A1A6

    Explosion protection

    Optional: Ex p


    IEC60034, IEEE115, NEMA MG-1, API 546


    The design of the generator series is short and compact to ensure the lowest vibration severity. The sensitivity to load and vibrations during normal operation is reduced. Stand, as well as radiator and engine hood are decoupled from the base frame. Low noise emission can be assured and allows the IC01 / IC81 W machine to reach a sound pressure level of < 80 dB (A) during rated, unloaded operation. The exciter is placed inside of the machine. This contributes to the reliability of the machine due to an optimized cooling and sealing concept for the exciter and bearing system.

    Using highly resilient diodes improves the performance and the stability of the generators during network operation. Since the exciters of the generators are designed for operation on comparably low voltage, the threat of a voltage breakthrough in the diodes decreases. This extends the lifetime of the diodes. Self-healing varistors ensure lifelong protection against the negative impact of transient events for the diodes. The usage of a combination of self-healing varistors and diodes creates a reliable and sustaining excitation system. Reliability and stability can be guaranteed during any disturbances to the power supply.

    The complete power range from 25 MVA to 70 MVA is covered by one shaft height. Only active part lengths and housing lengths vary to realize the desired performance. Nevertheless the high efficiency of the generator at the rated performance of the SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn is greater than 98 %. This concept also ensures a comparatively high flexibility regarding the integration of changing performances during the original planning phase or even during a functional replacement of turbines with different performance characteristics at a later point of time.

    With the use of a modular system throughout the generator series, the adjustment of interfaces does not take a lot of effort. Moreover it is easier to work out an optimal emergency concept for the replacement of the generators which has a positive effect on the downtime of the SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn.

    Customer benefits

    The high-performance SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn offers a compact mechanical design. The efficiency is greater than 98 % and the full power range is covered within one shaft height. Moreover the high quality and minimum downtime of components during operation and service intervals are an advantage of this generator series. The high mechanical durability is based on a compact rotor design. A permanent disturbance-free generator operation ensures a high availability of the complete plant. Minimum shaft line vibrations, a strong and stiff base frame and mechanical stability complete the series perfectly.

    Reduced lifecycle costs, short lead times, a short delivery time and minimal maintenance time go hand in hand with the characteristics mentioned above.

    Typical applications

    Mostly the SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn is used as a generator in the energy business.