Industrial Generator SIGENTICS Series Small Hydro

Long product lifespan and low lifecycle costs – the result of the highest quality standards

Hydropower is a particularly flexible energy source, and there is a large need for different hydro turbines. The Siemens answer is the Small Hydro generator series with its optimized hydropower specific profile, comprising flexible modular design, diverse cooling types, and the ability to respond to load changes within seconds. Synchronous generators of the Siemens Small Hydro series reach unparalleled efficiency up to 98% in the output range of 0.5-25 MVA. Being compact and insensitive to permanent humidity, even salt water, these generators are ideal for installations in weirs and dams.

SIGENTICS HV Series Small Hydro

Design example for a horizontal version

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    Technical Data Overview

    Qualities that distinguish the generators of the Small Hydro series are low-loss materials, high energy yields, optimum flexibility due to modular design, outstanding reliability, minimized downtime, excellent vibration behavior thanks to 3D simulation, low noise levels, and quick and easy implementation plus minimized life cycle costs. Eco-sustainability, a high ROI, and cost-effective power generation complete their impressive product characteristics.

    Brief overview

    Machine type

    Synchronous generator with salient pole rotor or cylindrical pole rotor

    Frame sizes

    400 mm - 1,120 mm

    Output range

    500 kVA - 20 MVA


    500 rpm - 1,800 rpm


    50 Hz / 60 Hz


    380 V - 15 kV


    Up to 98%

    Insulation class

    155 (F), 180 (H) - only for LV

    Type of cooling system

    IC 01, IC 31, IC 81 W

    Degree of protection

    IP23, IP44, IP54, IP55

    Mounting format

    Horizontaly or verticaly mounted, flanged bearing shield, or shaft end



    Customer Benefits

    • Optimum efficiency rates up to 98%

    • Hydro power specific design with very fast response to load changes

    • Highest robustness

    • Top-quality components

    • Minimized downtime

    • Optimized vibration behavior thanks to 3D simulation

    • Extended product life cycle over 40 years

    • Compliance with all recognized international standards

    • Exceptional service within the largest network worldwide

    Applications – by industry

    A large part of renewable energy is generated using hydropower. Huge fleets of our active generators for small hydro power plants are currently in use for the whole range of applications in this field. This extensive experience allows us to provide you with specific generators that deliver a unique performance.

    River weirs

    River weirs

    Pump storage power stations

    Pumped storage power plants



    Tidal power plants

    Tidal power plants

    Weirs in the delicate river ecosystem need intelligent power solutions, capable for small or no reservoir capacity. SIGENTICS Small Hydro generators are especially designed to guarantee minimal impact on the natural environment.

    Supplies energy for high peak demand

    Combined with pumps to regulate energy and water balance

    Energy is generated by height difference

    Penstock delivers water from the reservoir to the turbine

    daily rise and fall of ocean water

    adapt to changing power charges


    Rimov – Dam on the Malse River, Czech Republic

    For a complete machinery replacement for Podovi Malse, Siemens installed two Francis Turbines, chosen because of their high efficiency and reliability.