Industrial Generators SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn

Air-cooled 4-pole generators – compact and flexible

Decades of experience in the production of technological top products reveals its full effect in the SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn. With its modular design, this comprehensive generator solution provides extraordinary efficiency of over 98% for all turbine applications in the power range from 25 MVA to 70 MVA. With that, the generator HV Series S-modyn sets the benchmark in its class. The complete power range is covered by one shaft height, which means that only the active part lengths and the housing lengths will vary to create the desired performance levels. A short and compact design ensures the lowest possible vibration severity, resulting in exceptionally long service life and minimal maintenance costs. Each 4-pole synchronous generator can be perfectly configured to specific customer requirements by using predefined options – onshore and offshore, island mode, and grid operation.

SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn

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    Technical Data Overview

    SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn is designed utilizing one shaft height and four different housing lengths and offers long lasting performance in a broad application area, both in steam and gas turbines. The generator design provides a customer-friendly interface concept by reducing variants in anchor bolt positions, piping flanges, and grid connections. The generator is available with air-water cooling in the IC8A1W7, direct air-cooling in the IC3A1, and air-to-air cooling in the IC616, both in their 50 Hz and 60 Hz configurations. Shaft line vibration levels are within ISO limits .Another major component used for the SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn is MICALASTIC®, the worldwide proven isolation system for high-voltage generators and motors. As a result of the high stiffness of its winding overhangs and its outstanding corona protection, this insulation technique ensures high switching and reversing strength. A MICA Shield reduces partial discharges efficiently.

    Brief overview

    Machine type

    Synchronous generator with salient pole rotor, 4-pole




    25 MVA - 70 MVA


    1500 / 1800 rpm


    50 Hz and 60 Hz


    10 - 13.8 kV

    Type of cooling system

    - Air-to-water cooled as per IC8A1W7
    - Directly air cooled as per IC3A1
    - Air-to-air cooling IC6A6A6, IC6A1A6

    Explosion protection

    Optional: Ex p


    IEC60034, IEEE115, NEMA MG-1, API 546

    Customer Benefits

    • Optimum efficiency rates up to 98.5 %

    • Various options for optimum adaptation to a broad application spectrum

    • Top-level availability

    • Compact, material-optimized design and high mechanical durability

    • Minimal downtime, long service intervals due to high quality components

    • Full power range within one shaft height

    • Extended product life cycle over 40 years

    • Minimum shaft line vibrations and low noise

    • Self-healing varistors for an extended lifespan of the diodes

    • Lowest life cycle costs

    • Compliance with all international regulatory requirements

    • Exceptional service within the largest network worldwide

    Applications – by industry

    The SIGENTICS HV Series S-modyn is primarily utilized in the energy business. Whether it be used in combined gas and steam power plants, offshore platforms or refineries, the generator series S-Modyn generators achieve a mechanical-to-electrical conversion efficiency that is just short of 100 per cent.

    Combined gas and steam power plants

    Thermal power plants

    Offshore platforms and FPSOs

    Wherever the objective is to generate large amounts of electric power very quickly in a gas or steam power plant, generators of the S-modyn series are the perfect choice, delivering fast maximum energy yields.

    Generators of the S-modyn series are often preferred in thermal power plants such as solar, bio mass, or geothermal - for their exceptional mechanical stiffness, high thermal durability and resistance.

    FPSOs and offshore platforms require safe, efficient and error-free power generation solutions as a crucial success factor. In this field, Siemens has made a name for itself with the S-modyn generator series as the ideal choice - due to its high reliability and efficiency, downgraded vibration, and extremely long lifetime.


    Brno University of Technology, Centre of Research and Utilization of Renewable Energy, Brno, Czech Republic

    This advanced laboratory chose Siemens experimental laboratory short circuit generator for short circuit tests of LV switchgears up to 150kA. This installation allowed Siemens to use its technical know-how to fill a niche application need that only comes up once in twenty years. The Siemens solution provided flexibility in the electrical design, plus extreme electrical and mechanical strength and robustness.