MOTOX Agitator Geared Motors

Helical Geared Motors for High Radial and Axial Forces

MOTOX agitator geared motors have an over-dimensioned end bearing that absorbs the high radial and axial loads.

The end bearing can be optionally lubricated using a lubricating system. Further, the output shaft flange is available in a Dry Well version. In this case, a safety oil chamber is provided at the lowest position of the gear unit to prevent oil entering into the mechanical agitator itself. The oil level can be monitored optically using a sight glass or electrically using an appropriate sensor.

MOTOX agitator geared motors are implemented as helical geared motors. They are available in the power range up to 200 kW and rated gear unit torques up to 14,000 Nm.

An Overview of the Technology

Gear unit designation

No. of stages

Ratio range

Max. rated gear unit torque

ZR68, DR68

2 stage, 3 stage

3,49 - 281,01

800 Nm

ZR88, DR88

2 stage, 3 stage

3,11 - 300,41

1.680 Nm

ZR108, DR108

2 stage, 3 stage

3,42 - 359,30

3.100 Nm

ZR128, DR128

2 stage, 3 stage

3,07 - 268,16

5.100 Nm

ZR148, DR148

2 stage, 3 stage

4,44 - 336,11

8.000 Nm

ZR168, DR168

2 stage, 3 stage

4,46 - 341,61

14.000 Nm

Typical Application Areas

Agitator geared motors can, for example, be used in wastewater systems and in the chemical industry.