Productivity, safety, and convenience owing to worldwide service by the gear unit specialist

FLENDER Service – the complete Siemens service for mechanical power transmission equipment. For you this means optimal availability of your plant and maximal safety against failure thanks to flexible service which can be requested at short term. Whether with our individual services or with a customized full service package – our service is always oriented to the entire product life. With our worldwide service network and a 24-hour hotline we always ensure condition-oriented maintenance of your drive and are always at your side at any time.

We not only keep the highest possible availability and efficiency of your drives in focus, but the productivity of your entire plant. Benefit from our unique range of services for the whole drive system, and that independent of the manufacturer of the individual components.

With regard to services you can rely on the know-how of the worldwide market and technology leader in mechanical power transmission technology. Experience the safety that you can always rely on your service provider and enjoy the convenience of simply always having the right partner.

FLENDER Field Service – Inspection

Owing to our experiences gained over decades and our wide engineering know-how in nearly all industries we know the correlations between cause and effect, between symptom and failure, between costs and benefits. A wrong diagnosis can rapidly result in a costs explosion. This is why it is of great importance to determine the actual condition by a professional analysis on site. Within the scope of inspection we take detailed measurements and make functional tests. And we give you professional and effective advice. This much is certain.

FLENDER Field Service – Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most important services. Even the best gear unit requires maintenance at regular intervals and must be brought into the required condition time and again. The services we provide here serve condition-oriented maintenance and are based on the results of the inspection. They include oil changes as well as cleaning and alignment of the machines. Within the framework of a maintenance contract we are always at your disposal.

FLENDER Spare Parts

Within the course of the life of a gear unit the geared parts are subjected to extremely high loads, as a rule, and thus to high wear. Wear and abrasion do not only lead to an increasing contamination of the oil, but sooner or later also to defective parts. Within the scope of our condition-oriented maintenance we recognize defective parts and replace them – as far as reasonable – with new ones. Even in the case of outside makes. In such cases the geared parts are made on the basis of original constructional drawings or measurements taken, according to the highest quality made by Flender.

FLENDER Spare Gear Units

If it seems to be pointless for economical reasons to repair a gear unit the only possible solution is a replacement. We have the broadest range of industrial gear units worldwide and the right solution for every drive task – whether from our broad standard product range, from the wide range of standardized application-specific solutions, or within the scope of a customer-specific gear unit design. Your drive task is in good hands with us. We offer you the best quality and highest availability for the highest productivity of your plant, and we also dismantle the old and install the new gear unit with minimal interference with your production process.


It is not always possible to repair a defective gear unit on site just like that. This is why we offer you repairs at replacement value at our works. Here we have the tools and fixtures required for expensive repairs and possible replacement of parts to be carried out without delay, and for testing the gear units after repair on our test benches. In this case our services include the dismantling of your defective gear unit, quick repair and test, the installation of the repaired gear unit as well as the respective transports. On request, we also send master fitters and provide a suitable spare gear unit for the time of repair. In this way, your plant will be out of action only temporarily during the dismantling and installation times and production is ensured at any time to the greatest possible extent.

FLENDER Condition Monitoring / Condition Diagnostics

In production, materials handling, and processing plants in the industries and in material winning, the availability of the plant must be ensured at all events. To avoid damage to gear units and to by-pass failures the first symptoms should be detected early. As a specialist for gear units we take care by means of analyses, diagnoses, and inspection that your plant is in good order. We apply every possible method: Whether telediagnostics, alignment check or simulations, mobile vibration analyses, acceptance measurements or load and torque measurements, inspections, endoscopy or thermography – Condition Monitoring means above all to have the right feeling for your plant. We offer you the best technologies for condition-oriented maintenance of your drives.

FLENDER Gear Unit Modifications

When the outline conditions in an industrial plant change it happens that the drive must be adapted. This is why we offer both a replacement with a FLENDER gear unit and a customer-specific gear unit modification, e.g. by retrofit with a backstop, by redesign with suitable fitting dimensions, by changes of the transmission ratio, or by increasing the power rating. In this way, gear units are brought up to the latest level of technology at the same time.

Our gear units are continuously developed and optimized. Nevertheless, it must not always be a new gear unit to reach a higher power rating level. Within the scope of our extensive service concept we also offer you upgrades of gear units made by us. Allow yourself increases in power ratings at significantly lower capital investment. Inform yourself about the upgrade possibilities we offer.