In the world of drive systems the word “premium” has many facets. These result from your expectations on the product and how they are met. With our PLANUREX® 3 series, we have redefined these expectations. PLANUREX 3 represents a new generation of premium planetary gear units that have extremely high power capacity, can be used in a wide range of applications and are setting new benchmarks in terms of quality, flexibility and ease of use.

PLANUREX 3 offers a complete, 100% standard range of planetary gear units in XL format (from 1,700,000 to 5,450,000 Nm), combined with rapid availability worldwide, an excellent price-performance ratio and a high degree of modularity. The concept hits the sweet spot in the area of interplay among power capacity, system availability and costs.

With PLANUREX 3, the greatest capacity is concentrated in the smallest of spaces. Their high efficiency and compactness allow PLANUREX 3 gear units to achieve high torques and large transmission ratios in a very space-saving design. The extreme power capacity is reflected not only in their very low weight but also in their attractive price.


Trust our quality. By increasing the bearing life in every stage, in Planurex 3, we achieve the quality that you want and the reliability that you can expect to ensure the availability of your system.

Overload capacity: nominal torque x 2

We promise you operational reliability even at intermittent loading due to the 200% overload capacity relative to the nominal torque. The new series offers extremely robust gear units and ensures the greatest availability for your work machines.

Maximum diversity and flexibility

A selection of harmoniously spaced models allows you to choose the PLANUREX 3 version that is closest to the operating point of your application. Furthermore, a range of options and application-specific components are available that enable the gear unit to be integrated into your application, for example:

  • Gear unit base for base mounting

  • Torque shaft support

  • Support 2 (Chun version)

  • Connection for oil cooling

  • Suitable for temperatures down to -40 °C

Feel free to expect more, because that’s exactly what PLANUREX 3 offers you – simply a premium product.

Advantages and services

  • Excellent price-performance ratio

  • Top quality

  • Greatest power capacity and highest reliability

  • High efficiency and best performance

  • Very high degree of modularity

  • Large number of sizes

  • Close to your desired torque: harmonized torque spectrum from 1,700 to 5,450 kNm

  • Simple, time-saving project planning

  • Maximum flexibility during planning and plant integration

  • Comprehensive accessory program

  • Various coaxial and 90° designs for tight spaces

  • IDS (Integrated Drive Systems) for perfect adjustment and control

  • Quick project planning, elimination of interface risks and minimum life cycle costs

Examples of XL applications

  • Roller presses

  • Central drives for tube mills