The perfect gear unit for your application

How do you know that your machine is being driven optimally? Is the gear unit the correct size? Is the gear geometry correct? Has the output shaft been precisely specified? Are the bearings perfectly suited to the requirements of the application? In short: Do you have the perfect solution for your individual requirements?

FLENDER GEARLOG® answers all relevant questions at the same time and thus quickly delivers clarity with regard to cause and effect. In the process, it looks at every component in the gear unit. With FLENDER GEARLOG, gear units feel when something is wrong and, above all, where and why. The result may not only be a customized gear unit design in the life cycle but, in particular, the exact configuration of the perfect gear unit for precisely this application.

The measurable benefits for you are obvious: the most suitable gear unit solution provides the perfect balance between performance, efficiency and costs. FLENDER GEARLOG opens up entirely new possibilities: For example, productivity and availability of the drive train become more transparent. Furthermore, you can lower your costs, as the plant’s operational data are constantly being analyzed. How is this accomplished?

FLENDER GEARLOG is the entry of mechanics into the digital world of industry

Our gear units are equipped with special sensors to record important physical variables with the aim of comparing operational load spectra with the fatigue strength of individual gear unit components over time and thus to match up the gear unit and the working machine perfectly for the long term.

Rotational speed, torque, temperature and vibration are measured and recorded during operation. Using special algo- rithms, the time signals are compressed intelligently in order  to depict as much information as possible on the operational data, as load spectra for example.

If limiting values are exceeded, time signals are recorded. It  is thus possible to analyze unusual events and compare these with the design of the gear unit.

With FLENDER GEARLOG we offer you a software solution combined with a hardware component as well as the sensors and the following services:

  • Installation and commissioning

  • Access to all data

  • Regular evaluation of the data

  • Status report

From statistics to increased productivity

The load-bearing capacity of a component is subject to a known probability of structural failure. With regard to load data, there is often a lack of reliable information with which to create a statistical distribution. FLENDER GEARLOG provides the load information required. This enables reliable statements to be made regarding operational reliability, availability and productivity.


  • Improved processes through full transparency of the operational load data

  • Lower investment costs through use of optimum gear unit sizes

  • Improved reliability through optimization of individual components

  • Increased productivity through more efficient gear unit solutions

  • Improved energy efficiency through optimum gear unit sizing

  • Lower life cycle costs through reduction of the service and spare parts costs

  • Increased availability through less downtime and service

Application examples

  • All applications in the process industry