FLENDER Multiple Input/Single Output Marine Gearboxes


Multiple input/single output marine gearboxes direct the output of several diesel engines or electric motors to a propeller. Here, different drive concepts can be implemented.  Via clutches, the gearboxes can be driven in single- or twin-engine operation. Frequently, there are special requirements for low noise emission. These gearboxes are used for passenger ships, ferries, and supply ships and offered by Siemens for power ratings of up to 50,000 kW per engine. Higher power ratings and custom solutions are available on request.

Technical data

Power rating

up to 50,000 kW


from 2.0 to 6.0

Custom solutions

from approx. 10,000 kW with quill shaft


primary or secondary, switchable


  • Flexible drive concept

  • Customizable power ratings

  • Minimum noise generation

  • Very low vibration

  • Highest efficiency

  • Optimum power/weight ratio

  • Worldwide service


  • Twin-engine ships

  • (Two-gear) PTO, PTH