FLENDER Gear Units for Reactors


The term "reactor" is used in the chemical industry to refer to special apparatus (e.g. a stirred tank reactor) in which educts are reacted to obtain a desired product.

The reactors for this kind of application are designed to meet very high process and safety standards.

Powders and suspensions such as pastes, doughs etc. are dried in a mixer-dryer-reactor. The drying process that takes place inside the reactor is often required to be rapid yet simultaneously gentle on the product.

The gear units must therefore have a very high efficiency and produce only minimal vibration and noise. It should also be possible to monitor the complete gear unit.

Technical data


Helical gear unit



Gear stages

2-, 3- and 4-stage

Power ratings

up to 10,500 kW

Transmission ratios

i = 6.3 to 450

Nominal torques

5.8 to 1,400 kNm

Mounting positions

horizontal and vertical


  • High efficiency

  • Minimal vibration

  • Low noise level

  • Dip lubrication

  • Complete drive solution mounted on a baseframe, comprising:
    - Motor
    - Input coupling (FLUDEX)
    - Gear unit, incl. monitors
    - Gear coupling on output side


  • Drying / mixing chemical substances as well as food products of all kinds