FLENDER Gear Units for Jack-Up Rigs


Jack-up rigs are used to search for oil and gas deposits down to a maximum water depth of 160 m. Tugboats or special transport ships tow the rig to its drill location. The rig, which can often weigh as much as 30,000 tons, stands on three legs and can be jacked up. The rig is raised and lowered by in average 54 helical planetary gear units driving pinions on racks. A high transmission ratio in excess of 7,000 and high torque are characteristic of FLENDER gear units.

The jack-up's short overall operating time of 200 to 300 hours contrasts with the long service life demanded of the gear units. FLENDER gear units are carefully made to the customer's specification for this reason, while every effort is made to minimize weight and capital costs. As a key safety feature of the rig, however, they are subject to the stringent regulations of the classification societies and designed for the harsh conditions of extreme operating environments.

Technical data

  • Planetary gear unit

  • P2PA 21 for 200 MT class with overall transmission ratio i = 6,700:1

  • P2PA 28 for 450 MT class with overall transmission ratio i = 3,000 - 7,000:1

  • P3PA 25.1 for 250 MT class with overall transmission ratio i = 7,300:1


  • Fatigue life resistance: optimized for specific applications

  • Low capital costs

  • Extremely reliable and robust

  • Completely closed against environment

  • Compact, space-saving design

  • ABS (or any other classification society) approved design

  • Suitable for temperatures from -20 °C to +50 °C

  • Worldwide service


  • Jack-up rigs