FLENDER Belt Drives on Swing Base

The availability of a drive depends directly on its reliability. The major deciding factors are the quality of the drive assemblies, the coordination of the system as a whole and the temperature characteristics of the gear unit in continuous operation. The latter factor is decisively determined by two parameters: the natural ambient conditions and the gear units own temperature pattern.

With the temperature requirement as the determining factor we arrive at the most important deciding factor for the operational capability and configuration of a gear unit: thermal capacity. This depends on power density and the degree of heat dissipation over the surface of the housing.

The outstanding thermal capacities of FLENDER gear units offer our customers considerable savings potential, because they save themselves the possible step to the next gear unit size up.

If the ambient conditions allow it, it makes good sense to cost-effectively put together a drive from the highly-developed standard portfolio, because the modular system with its large selection of gear units, motors, bell housings, swing bases and add-on parts offers something for every requirement. Gear units with the technical designation B3SH are compact, have a high power density and are available in 25 construction sizes. They are very well suited for multiple drives to meet very big power requirements. Also available in the standard range are self-aligning drive systems for use at high ambient temperatures.


  • Large selection of 25 sizes with few component variants

  • Highest power density

  • High reliability and operational dependability

  • Dustproof thanks to largely contactless and wear-free labyrinth seals

  • Flanged output shafts and flanged couplings enable easier gear-unit fitting combined with a small space requirement

  • High efficiencies

  • Outstanding noise characteristics thanks to ground bevel gears and sound-damping housings and especially high tooth contact ratios

  • IDS (Integrated Drive Systems) for perfect coordination and control

Technical data

Nominal torques

up to 1.400.000 Nm

Transmission ratios

i = 5 ... 450

Power ratings

up to 4.500 kW

Gear stages

2- to 4-stage




Helical and bevel helical gear units