Drive Train Analytics – Scalable services to monitor your complete drive system

»Experience Drive Train Analytics: Early detection of upcoming faults before breakdown, enabling you to define and execute countermeasures in time!«

To ensure productivity and availability of production anytime, smooth operation of rotating machines in production environments is the key. An important lever to optimize availability is to establish condition-based maintenance for drives, motors, and gear units. A condition-based maintenance plan enables you to to find the best match of maintenance measures and production plans.

Early detection of upcoming faults is essential for an optimized condition-based maintenance plan. This is where Drive Train Analytics comes into the play, with cloud-based monitoring of the whole drive system.

The modular structure of Drive Train Analytics gives you the flexibility to adapt to your individual drive system requirements. No matter if you want to analyze a single asset or the whole chain of drive system components – Drive Train Analytics grows along with your requirements into a continuous monitoring system for key components. This will decrease downtimes, so you can fully  focus on your core business.

We analyze drives, motors and gear units via a single system to match hardware and services precisely to your requirements. Monitoring the components continuously delivers data about condition and health status of the equipment. These data are combined automatically in one system and analyzed by certified Siemens experts as required. Before potential failure of components, you will be notified in order to initiate countermeasures. Even if everything is running well, you still receive a regular report with a status summary of your equipment’s condition. On top of that, you have access to the Drive System Analyzer, which is a web-based dashboard to access the data and analysis anytime.

Your benefits through Drive Train Analytics by Siemens:

  • Analyze your complete drive system with manufacturer's know-how
  • Detect anomalies early and receive indications about upcoming faults, thus increasing the availability of your plant
  • Reduce costs with condition-based maintenance
  • Monitor and analyze all data of your drive system continuously