Protection with repetitive accuracy: the ARPEX torque limiters in the AKR and AKA series provide unequivocal disconnection and torque-free, complete separation of the coupled units (wear-free) at both slowly and quickly increasing torque. Due to the degressive characteristic of the plate springs, the system torque decreases immediately when the disconnecting process starts.

The ARPEX torque limiters ensure a very high degree of repetitive accuracy even after frequent disconnecting processes in which the geometry of the close-fitting splines always re-engages in the same position and ensures torque transmission with no play. They are equipped with freewheeling with deep-groove ball bearing (for-life lubrication) and are designed for a temperature range from −30°C to 80°C. Due to high material quality and production precision, the ARPEX torque limiters feature extremely low vibration, which protects the connected machine components.

Application examples

  • Extruders

  • Film stretching machines

  • Printing machines

  • Drives with high speeds and large mass moments of inertia

  • Protection of advanced, high-quality machines from overload

Product advantages

  • Connection and disconnection of system components during operation (engagement while system is at a standstill)

  • Friction-locked torque transmission with no play

  • High disconnecting accuracy and repetitive accuracy (±10% for 1,000 disconnecting processes)

  • Complete separation and therefore wear-free running down after disconnecting process

  • Freewheeling with deep-groove ball bearing (for-life lubrication)

  • Simple re-engagement by manual switching lever or screws

  • Axial end plate for simple assembly and axial location

  • Robust design

  • Temperature-resistant from −30°C to 80°C

  • Available in 12 sizes from 60 to 65,000 Nm

  • AKR design for combination of standard components from the ARPEX and N-EUPEX product ranges

  • AKA for combination with universal joint shafts or as shaft mounting version with various drive elements such as belt pulleys and chain wheels