The next level of versatility for cell-based medium voltage drives

sinamics perfect harmony gh150

The SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GH150 features a series of low voltage cells that are linked together to create the medium voltage power output of the drive system. With this cell-based design, the drive can be scaled precisely for a very wide range of voltage and output power. The ability to bypass any cell during operation in less than 5 ms, and maintain the full output voltage, is why it offers your application maximum availability. The drive offers some unique features that contribute to its versatility like a separate transformer and control cabinet configurations, marine certification, and Arc Fault tested design.


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    Modular Multilevel Converter

    The SINAMICS PERFECT HARMONY GH150 integrates the friendly Multi-cell-converter (M2C) motor module.
    The M2C topology consists of several low-voltage cells. Switched in series, they generate an output voltage at medium-voltage level.


    Technical data overview

    Brief overview

    Number of pulses





    Output voltage:

    4.0 … 11 kV

    4.0 … 11 kV

    4.0 … 11 kV

    4.0 … 11 kV

    Type rating:

    up to 24 MVA

    up to 24 MVA

    up to 48 MVA

    up to 48 MVA


    Separate converter transformer (e.g. dry or oil-type)

    Drive quadrants:

    Drive two-quadrant operation (driving without regenerative feedback, 2 directions of rotation)


    Line side: diode rectifier
    Motor side: cell based, modular multi-level topology with IGBTs


    Raw water inlet temperature 35 °C up to max. 47 °C

    Suitable motors:

    Induction motors (incl. high speed motors)
    Synchronous motor (on request)

    Features & Benefits

    perfect harmony gh150 benefits transformer

    Transformer Versatility

    Able to utilize separate dry-type or oil-filled standard converter transformers. It is also capable of accepting transformers of different primary voltages or number of pulses.

    perfect harmony gh150 benefits control cabinet

    Greater Control Cabinet Flexibility

    Flexible control cabinet placement enables optimization of plant layout and safety concepts with ability to install control cabinet in an alternative location or orientation to the drive.

    perfect harmony gh150 benefits marine

    Marine and Offshore Certification

    Available in marine/offshore configurations that meet the requirements of all major marine certification societies.

    perfect harmony gh150 benefits cells

    Cell Bypass and Cell Redundancy

    Maximize your process availability thanks to cell bypass and redundant cells. High-speed cell bypass feature maintains a reliable and balanced output voltage without torque or speed reduction.

    perfect harmony gh150 benefits motor friendly

    Extremely Motor Friendly

    Capable of being configured with virtually any motor thanks to an almost sinusoidal output voltage. The motor friendliness of the drive is perfect for retrofits and long motor cable applications.

    perfect harmony gh150 benefits arc-fault

    Arc Fault Tested

    Internal arc certification based on IEC 62271-200. Eases plant safety concepts by providing safer drive operation.

    perfect harmony gh150 benefits braking chopper

    Braking Chopper

    This option enables you to quickly stop your process or application for safety or production purposes.

    Applications – by industry

    industries oil gas siemens

    Oil & Gas

    industries power generation siemens

    Power Generation

    industries marines siemens


    industries mining siemens


    Commonly found on pumps, fans and compressors in the Oil & Gas industry. An especially strong solution for offshore, long cable, and high speed applications, especially when a separate transformer and high availability is required.

     Pumps-Compressors Fans

    Used in numerous pump and fan applications in the power generation industry, such as ID Fans, FD Fans, coolant pumps and boiler feed pumps.

     Pumps Fans

    Used for ship propulsion systems like main propulsion, boosters, and thrusters, where a marine certified design and high availability are required.

     Main Propulsion-Thrusters

    Utilized primarily in medium voltage applications such as sinter fans and standard blowers and fans.

    industries mining siemens


    industries water siemens

    Water & Wastewater

    industries test stands siemens

    Test Stands

    industries retrofit siemens


    Utilized primarily in applications such as standard mining pumps and fans.

     Mine Fans Mine Pumps

    Within the water and wastewater industry this drive will mainly support medium voltage pumps in the several different types of water plants such as desalination, drinking water and wastewater, as well as assisting with water transport & pipeline networks.


    Utilized in numerous test stands due to its modularity and motor friendliness, such as pump and compressor test beds.

     Test stands

    Capable of supporting most medium voltage drive system retrofit projects, for applications such as pumps, fans, compressors and propulsion systems.


    Compatible Motors

    1 | 2

    simotics hvm


    Modular High-voltage motors for maximum reliablity and short project execution times

    simotics h modyn

    SIMOTICS HV HP (asynchronous)

    Modular high voltage induction motors for accelerated projects and maximized plant availability in the double digit power range

    loher vario


    Compact high-voltage motors especially for Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals

    simotics hs modyn

    SIMOTICS HV Series HS-modyn

    Modular High-voltage motors for high-speed applications

    simotics hv synchronous high speed

    SIMOTICS HV Synchronous High-Speed

    Modular High-speed synchronous motors for for compressor drives with the highest power ratings

    simotics h modyn

    SIMOTICS HV HP (synchronous)

    Modular high power synchronous motors for accelerated projects and maximized plant availability in the double digit power range