SINAMICS firmware functions

The right function for every application

Today, the main functionality of our SINAMICS drives is implemented in software.
This "embedded" software is also known as firmware, and is functionally firmly assigned to a specific hardware (hence the name firmware).

In the case of SINAMICS drives, the firmware is subdivided into the operating system (OS) with drivers for the hardware, and the converter functions, which are also referred to as the runtime (RT) functions.

Obtain an overview of the wide range of functionality of the SINAMICS family

Basic Drive Functions

Firmware Basic Drive Functions

Optimally controlled

Closed-loop control functions determine the optimum movement of the motor, including the coupled driven loads. These are complemented by extensive protection, monitoring, limiting and diagnostic functions as well as functions to increase the availability.

Standard Technology Functions

Firmware Standard Technology Functions

Everything on board – from logic up to positioning

Under Standard Technology Functions you will find functions that significantly extend the range of applications of our SINAMICS drives, for instance for positioning, for controlling process variables as well as for logically and arithmetically handling signals in the sequence control and in the control loops of the drive.

Advanced Technology Functions

Firmware Advanced Technology Functions

Significantly more than just a drive

Under Advanced Technology Functions, you will find functions that set themselves apart as a result of their very high degree of flexibility and performance. This means that individual, complex tasks can be efficiently and directly implemented in the drive itself.

Communication Functions

Firmware Communication Functions

Powerful communication

SINAMICS offers a comprehensive range of communication options for engineering, exchanging data between drives – and naturally for exchanging data with higher-level automation systems.

Safety Integrated Functions

Firmware Safety Integrated Functions

The route to a safe machine

SINAMICS drives offer comprehensive and integrated safety functions. These act significantly faster than conventional circuit configurations outside the drive. As a consequence, Safety Integrated further increases the safety of a machine.

Energy Efficiency Functions

Firmware Energy Efficiency Functions

Efficiently utilizing energy

Energy is valuable and should be used as efficiently as possible. SINAMICS drives offer integrated functions for energy efficiency and naturally also support PROFIenergy.

Common Engineering

Firmware Common Engineering

Engineering made easy

All of the converter functions have been designed so that they can be handled in the same way from an engineering perspective, irrespective of the selected drive type.
As a consequence, knowledge once gained can be simply and efficiently reused.

Applications & Branch know-how

Firmware Applications & Branch know-how

Special requirements for your particular sector?

SINAMICS offers functions typical to specific sectors – both in the form of sector-specific Control Units – as well as functions in all of the Control Units that can be combined using the integrated Standard and Advanced Technology Functions.