LOHER DYNAVERT L PWM Inverters for Lifts

Compact and tailored for these applications

General description

LOHER frequency inverters for elevators, DYNAVERT L guarantee the highest degree of reliability and travel comfort.
Depending on the particular requirement, they can be flexibly used for supply voltages extending from 230 V to 500 V.
They can control both synchronous as well as induction motors.
LOHER DYNAVERT L units are efficient, easy to handle and can be used for elevator systems with ratings of up to 105 kW.
They are state-of-the-art fully digitized voltage-source DC link converters equipped with fourth generation IGBTs. 
Their equipping means that they can be easily used in all operating environments – even in hospitals and chemical plants.
Today, elevator drives are designed either as gearless or as geared solutions. The benefit of using LOHER DYNAVERT L - it is suitable for both systems by setting software parameters only – ee. within DYNASYS S - at gearless and within DYNASYS G at geared solutions.


Technical data overview

Rated input voltage

Typ. rated motor power of the units

400 V

2 - 105 kW

500 V

2 - 105 kW

1~AC 230V supply - using either UPS or 100V - 400V DC from a battery possible, for evacuation operation when the line supply fails

Brief overview

Setting, diagnostics:

Operator panel connected to LOHER Dynavert L, LEDs, serial interface

Control commands:

Contacts or 24 V control signals (PLC-compatible for travel commands and other digital input), DCP interface

Motor types:

Synchronous / induction – gearless or with gear

Signal outputs:

Isolated contacts, 250 V AC /1A, DCP interface 

Speed feedback for synchronous motors:

1 V-PP signal level (max. 10 m encoder cable)

Speed feedback for induction motors:

Encoder with HTL signal level or TTL signal level, the pulse number can be parameterized, 1024 - 4096 pulses / revolution (2 tracks with 90° offset).

Open-loop operation:

Possible with induction motors up to 1.2 m/s elevator cabin speed

Mechanical degree of protection:


Ambient temperature, storage:

-25 to +70 °C

Ambient temperature, operation:

0 to + 45 °C

Installation height:

1000 m above sea level; above this altitude, the drive unit utilization must be reduced by 10 % for every 1000 m


Direct forced air cooling, automatic temperature control


LOHER DYNAVERT L frequency inverters – cost-effective and powerful

  • Highest performance at a low cost – 50 % energy saving over standard drives

  • Can be connected to TN, TT and IT line supplies up to 500 V

  • Safe, reliable and disturbance-free operation using the integrated filter, reactors and contactor(s) for the travel commands

  • Quick and easy commissioning using optimum control adaptation and user-friendly, PC-supported software – IMS

  • Conventional and DCP interface that can be adapted to all elevator controls

  • EMC directives are fulfilled without requiring any additional mounted components

  • Ready-to-install frequency inverter saves installation time significantly

  • Integrated solution of the power components reduces costs for the higher-level elevator control

Customer benefits

  • Compact and ready-to-connect unit with integrated EMC filter, line reactor, braking chopper, braking resistor and a quiet contactor for the travel commands. This is the reason that no additional wiring is required

  • Up to an elevator power of 30 kW the drive unit can be accommodated in a control cabinet with a depth of 260 mm

  • Operation with only one contactor for the travel commands in conformance with DIN EN 81-1 possible  – TÜV certified (German Technical Inspectorate)

  • Encoder inputs integrated as standard to control synchronous and induction motors

  • Comfortable operation possible – even without speed feedback ( for asynchronous motors, up to approx. 1.2 m / s passenger cabin speed only)

Typical applications

  • Elevators for passengers and loads, implemented as cable elevators according to DIN EN 81-1

  • Inclined elevators