THYRIPOL - static excitation systems for new plants and modernization projects

General description

THYRIPOL is a cutting edge static excitation system (SES) for synchronous generators and synchronous condensers. The system has been developed for reliable operation in power plants. It can be used as a standalone excitation system or in combination with a starting frequency converter (SFC) also known as compact unit.
Systems with operational live of over 40 years clearly reflect THYRIPOL's ruggedness and reliability. The high reliability and low maintenance costs are a result of the modular design and use of the well-proven industrial grade components.

Highly flexible solution to increase efficiency and dynamic performance
As a result of the modular design, the solution is suitable for all power classes. The well-proven hardware and Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) fulfill the most stringent grid codes.
Siemens offers a customer-oriented redundancy concept and highly flexible technology for new plants and customized modernization solutions. The static excitation system can be adapted to the requirements of each and every power plant, regardless of the footprint available, generator type or power supply. The wide range of options makes it easily possible to  adapt a standard product to meet specific customer requirements.

THYRIPOL compact unit
In gas turbine applications, the static excitation system can be expanded to a compact unit which includes a starting converter. Siemens supplies a space-optimized solution for applications with gas turbines in a uniform cabinet system. By request, the starting converter can be installed separately from the static excitation system.
Starting converters are used either to accelerate the turbine of a turbo set to the required ignition speed or to drive it at certain speeds. While the starting converter operates the generator in the motoring mode, the excitation equipment regulates the generator terminal voltage to adapt it to the output voltage of the starting converter.
Starting converters as part of THYRIPOL compact units are based on rugged, air-cooled LCI medium voltage converters with DC link reactor from the Siemens SINAMICS GL150 product series. The starting converter power rating is selected depending on the turbine characteristics. 
The control and monitoring unit of the starting converter is integrated in the open-loop and closed-loop control cabinet of the excitation equipment. The starting converter is controlled exclusively from the excitation system and is available from 2.9 to 9 MW rated power.

THYRIPOL excitation system

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    Technical data overview

    Brief overview (static excitation system only)

    Converter module:


    Power range (maximum values):
    - Continuous rated excitation current
    - Rated excitation supply voltage

    - From 1375 to 7700 A DC
    - Up to 950 V AC 50 / 60 Hz


    - Open-loop and closed-loop control
    - Converter module
    - Converter fan
    - Auxiliary power supply
    - Actual values sensing

    Voltage controller:

    - Power system stabilizer (PSS)
    - Reactive power control
    - Cos φ control

    Ambient conditions:
    - Ambient temperature
    - Degree of protection
    - Sound pressure level

    - From 0 to 50 °C
    - IP32 to IP43
    - ≤ 72 dBA 50 Hz / 75 dBA 60 Hz

    Your advantages

    • Interactive user interface for all system functions that can be intuitively operated

    • Maximum degree of reliability thanks to the rugged design

    • The modular design results in a high degree of flexibility to address a wide range of requirements

    • Higher plant availability from the variety of redundancy configurations offered

    • High-performance processors to achieve a high dynamic control response

    • Well-proven industrial grade components are used to maintain low maintenance costs

    • Components can be simply replaced, some of them even while the plant is in operation

    Typical use cases and applications

    THYRIPOL excitation systems are suitable for low and high power classes, in hydroelectric, gas and steam power plants.