Midrex® – the world’s leading DRI production process

Midrex is an innovative ironmaking process developed for the production of direct-reduced iron (DRI) from iron ores and primarily natural gas.

Ironmaking - Midrex Technology

Midrex is a natural gas-based shaft furnace process that converts iron oxides in the form of pellets or lump ore into direct reduced iron (DRI).

The Midrex process is highly adaptive to our customers’ needs, which is reflected in a broad variety of applications. The performance of Midrex plants typically exceeds nominal capacity ratings. This trend will continue with the implementation of new technologies such as oxide coating, oxygen injection, OXY+, centrifugal process gas compressors, and SIMPAX.

As a licensee of Midrex technology Siemens Metals Technologies has been successfully building Midrex direct reduction plants and can supply all sizes of packages right up to turnkey solutions. About one third of all Midrex plants worldwide have been built with significant involvement (e.g., consortium leadership) of Siemens Metals Technologies.

Hadeed, Saudi Arabia

The largest Midrex plant built to date is the Hadeed Steel Works on the east coast of Saudi Arabia. The plant became operational in July 2007 and has a nominal production capacity of 1.76 million tons of DRI per year. In addition to being the world's largest DR plant, another key feature of this facility is that the hot DRI is immediately transferred via the so-called hot transport system to the EAF melt shop. Thanks to this solution, the sensible heat from the DR process is utilized for the melting of DRI in the electric arc furnace, thereby significantly reducing energy costs and electrode consumption. This results in shorter tap-to-tap times and a corresponding increase in the output of liquid steel.

ArcelorMittal Coal-Based Direct-Reduction Plant in South Africa

At ArcelorMittal’s Saldanha Works in South Africa hot metal and direct-reduced iron are produced in a combined Corex and direct-reduction facility. Coal is used as the energy source for the generation of a reduction gas needed to reduce iron ore lumps or pellets to DRI, and to melt the DRI to approximately 750,000 tons of hot metal per year. The excess gas from the Corex process is used in an adjacent Midrex DR shaft to produce approximately 700,000 t/a DRI. The Production commenced in December 1998.