Siemens Metals Technologies – Setting the standards in blast furnace technology

As one of the leading suppliers of blast furnace technology, Siemens VAI Metals Technologies are known for their dedication to excellence. The experience, capability and resources of Siemens VAI MT allows us to offer a complete portfolio of blast furnace technology, meeting the highest demands of plant performance, operational reliability and environmental compatibility.

Over its existence, the company has accumulated considerable knowledge of the design of the necessary process systems and equipment design for successful blast furnace operation. Our solutions extend from new turnkey installations to plant upgrades and include all products and automation systems, media supply and auxiliary facilities – for small to ultra-large blast furnaces.

This single-source capability, in combination with expert project management and dedication to quality workmanship, forms the basis for fast project completion and production ramp-up. Operator safety is enhanced with a flat, virtually obstacle-free casthouse floor and by sensitive emission-control systems. In addition to engineering and technological expertise, Siemens Metals Technologies provides a complete range of automation solutions, from process automation to sophisticated optimization packages and systems.

Furnace Recfractories and Furnace Cooling

The choice of the right refractories and cooling systems at each zone of the blast furnace route is critical for successful, economic and, above all, safe ironmaking operations. Siemens Metals Technologies refractory designs have been developed over a century and are well proven.

Together with the refractory lining, the blast furnace cooling system is critical for ensuring an ultra-long operational life. Siemens Metals Technologies blast furnace cooling circuits feature advanced control systems, accurate leak detection, and emergency back-up systems.

Casthouse and Blast Furnace Equipment

Blast Furnace - Casthouse and Blast Furnace Equipment

Siemens Metals Technologies' blast furnace equipment has a proven reputation for reliability, durability, and high performance in the arduous conditions of the blast furnace environment.

Siemens Metals Technologies’ casthouse equipment portfolio includes hydraulic clay guns, hydraulic or hydro-pneumatic taphole drills, trough-cover manipulators, tilting runners for iron and slag, bar changers, and jack dam drills. High performance blast furnace equipment such as tuyere stocks, bleeder valves, equalizing/relief valves, above-burden temperature probes, sub-burden gas probes, mechanical stockline recorders, moveable and fixed throat armor, stockline ignition lances, and profilemeters are also part of the Siemens Metals Technologies portfolio.

Slag Granulation

The Siemens Metals Technologies Slag Granulation System has evolved into a state-of-the-art technology. Characterized by its high utilization rate and environmentally friendly production, this system allows cement-quality products to be generated from blast furnace waste. Slag granulation systems are now available in two options: a mechanical type with screw filter and a pumping type. Both are carefully engineered and fully optimized to meet our customers’ requirements.

SIMETAL MERIM - Maximized emission reduction and energy recovery in ironmaking

Top gas cleaning process with highest energy recovery

The newly developed SIMETAL MERIM system for maximized emission reduction and energy recovery offers considerable benefits for plant operators and the environment. Compared to the conventional wet top gas cleaning system, the advanced dry dedusting system from Siemens Metals Technologies can achieve a clean gas concentration of <<5 mg/Nm³ and even a 20 to 30% higher energy output from top gas recovery turbine (TRT) due to higher process temperatures and lower pressure losses. Furthermore, the green solution SIMETAL MERIM allows for advanced emission control due to additive injection and dust recirculation and reduced energy consumption. As a matter of course, no sludge and waste water treatment is necessary.

SIMETAL Hot Blast Stoves

Blast Furnace - SIMETAL Hot Blast Stoves

Siemens Metals Technologies supplies complete hot blast stove systems, featuring state-of-the-art stoves, refractories, and water-cooled valves. Both internal and external combustion-chamber-stoves are offered. They feature a high-efficiency ceramic burner, ensuring low CO, SO2, and NOX emissions. A fuel-saving waste-heat recovery system can also be provided. The optimum configuration will be installed to ensure a reliable supply of hot blast to the blast furnaces.

Unparalleled experience in the design and supply of all blast furnace equipment and technology gives Siemens Metals Technologies a unique capability to rebuild stoves of any type and from any supplier.

Stockhouse and Charging Equipment

By using accurate weighing systems and providing exact size fractions to the charging system, it is possible to produce an ideal blast furnace burden. Stockhouses for ferrous, carbonaceous, and additive feeds are designed to be fully flexible and are built with the lowest possible investment costs. Compact stockhouses, featuring rotary bin feed conveyors, are specifically designed to fit into existing facilities. All equipment, particularly chutes and screens, are built for low wear and low maintenance. Environmental control systems are also a standard feature.

Gas-cleaning Plants

When considering their gas-cleaning requirements, customers must select blast furnace equipment that ideally utilizes raw materials, maximizes the gas-energy recovery, and meets all environmental regulations. Siemens Metals Technologies has a long and successful history of supplying and installing gas-cleaning equipment in all types of plants. These include water treatment, dust recycling, energy recovery, and clean-gas distribution systems. Projects undertaken range from the supply of new gas-cleaning plants, which maximize the collection of dry dust, to the replacement and upgrading of existing equipment.

Coal Injection

Blast Furnace - Coal Injection

In order to reduce the blast furnace coke rate and to improve furnace operations, Siemens Metals Technologies provides complete and well proven coal-injection systems for new and existing blast furnaces. This energy-saving solution is supported by a complete technical support package. The equipment supplied by Siemens Metals Technologies features an availability rate in excess of 98% and accurate coal-injection rates to within 2%.

Automation and Control

Blast Furnace - Automation and Control

In addition to engineering and technological expertise, Siemens Metals Technologies provides a complete range of automation solutions, from process automation to sophisticated optimization packages and expert systems. To ensure high-performance blast furnace operation at low cost, a closed-loop optimization system known as SIMETAL BF VAiron was developed by the automation division of Siemens Metals Technologies.

Reline, Rebuilds, and Modernization Solutions

Siemens Metals Technologies is well known for its ability to perform blast furnace rebuilds, relines and modernizations within extremely tight timeframes. Modular blast furnace construction concepts have been perfected to minimize project duration and plant downtime for both furnace rebuilds and relines. Existing Siemens Metals Technologies furnaces can be demolished and new furnaces manufactured, delivered, built, and commissioned in less than twelve months.