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Increase efficiency while cutting costs –
solutions for the solar industry

With our innovative and comprehensive portfolio – from engineering software to automation solutions and all associated services – combined with our in-depth understanding of the needs of the solar industry, we’re helping our customers boost their productivity and product quality while sustainably reducing costs.

We achieve this with a comprehensive approach that begins with the planning of investments in machinery and plants. All automation components working together efficiently – thanks to Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) – together with the use of energy-saving technologies pay off when the equipment becomes operational. During operation, cost savings are achieved thanks to the efficient interoperability of all automation components based on Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and the use of energy-saving technologies.

Intelligently linking all systems creates maximum data transparency in real time. This is the basis for the use of Manufacturing Executive Systems (MES) and simulation programs that help to identify further potentials and to ultimately leverage them.

In addition to our offer for manufacturers and OEMs, we supply innovative solutions for field installation and the storage of power from renewable sources.



Maximum availability and quality, maximum process transparency and optimum process control in polysilicon production.

Solar Fabs

Solar Fabs
Maximum productivity, efficiency and flexibility, combined with leading quality levels, ensure outstanding competitiveness.


Field installation
Solar tracking control systems from Siemens are the ideal solution to maximize the energy yield from solar power plants.


Energy storage
Solutions for cost-efficient and flexible energy storage.


Services to meet customer needs, from design and financing to installation and operation, maintenance and modernization.


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