Trends in Pharma

Managing change, accelerating innovation, driving profits: The pharmaceutical industry is going through exciting times. Watch the videos to learn on how industry leaders and Siemens pharmaceutical experts think about these challenges and how to master them.

“You can build shelters or windmills”

The pharmaceutical industry is not used to big changes in its business environment. It has always been very conservative, with a strong focus on quality and regulatory compliance. But everything else is changing and the pharmaceutical industry will have to change too.

Integrated Engineering for Life Sciences

Plant engineers in the pharmaceutical industry are hard pressed to come up with answers for some critical issues. Engineering is an important lever for continuous improvement in competitiveness. This is why we are working on an integrated solution for the entire engineering process.

Siemens Account Management for Life Sciences

Siemens can bring a lot of value to a global account like Merck. Process Analytical Technology (PAT) was implemented by using SIPAT from Siemens. The experience with SIPAT was so positive that Merck is filing a new drug based on PAT. This is one way that Siemens has supported Merck deploy innovative technology globally.

Siemens in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industries

The pharmaceutical industry has gone through major changes the last decade. A growing number of leading pharma companies are putting themselves on course for the future. Therefore they are looking for a global partner to meet all these challenges. The key to success for Siemens is the ability to support the customer with superior products and solutions, international project execution and excellent services.

Meeting Key Challenges in Process Industries

Efficiency, quality, and sustainability are key challenges in process industries. With Totally Integrated Automation, and its core system, SIMATIC PCS 7, Siemens has helped the industry answer these challenges for many years. Plant engineers, process engineers, and operators trust partners to help them reduce the total cost of ownership of plants and systems.

Innovative Solutions for Life Sciences

There is hardly any other industry facing so many challenges. To stay competitive, pharmaceutical businesses need more than new automation products. They need innovative ideas, or even more, innovative solutions with a company who can offer sustainable and global support over the entire life cycle. In many projects Siemens has proven that it is the right partner for this industry.

Continuous Manufacturing for Life Sciences

GSK is one of the world´s biggest pharmaceutical companies and considers innovation as key to future leadership. This group reached out to Siemens some time ago for a new project called "Continuous Manufacturing". This project was not only about creating a new and innovative technology. It was also a new way of working together.

Continuous Manufacturing for Life Sciences

In 2009, Siemens, GlaxoSmithKline, and GEA started a joint project to prove the feasibility of continuous manufacturing. Thanks to their dedication, a fully continuous manufacturing line, which is an extremely complex process, can be now offered to pharmaceutical companies around the globe.