SIMATIC IT for the pharmaceutical industry

Global pharmaceutical manufacturers must aim to achieve better control and increased transparency of their manufacturing processes across all sites. Here, our manufacturing execution systems (MES) come into play. These systems control and trace all processes connected to the research and manufacture of pharmaceutical products using seamlessly integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, automation, and other components in the value chain, for targeted production and real-time transparency. MES are indispensable technology solutions for optimum operational procedures at paperless production sites, as they guarantee reliable traceability and cover all pharmaceutical processes.

From product development to clinical batches to commercial production, our MES offerings provide modular, integrated, and flexible solutions that

  • guarantee compliance with legal regulations,

  • minimize risks and increase transparency,

  • shorten production cycles and optimize the use of resources, and

  • control, monitor, and optimize the production steps up to the batch release.