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Today, competitiveness in the Food & Beverage industry is defined by the degree of digitalization. Because of that, the interests of many OEMs go far beyond mere processes. They’re looking for an integrated digital solution that will push the whole company forward. Siemens products like BRAUMAT or MindSphere, for example, can help you discover new and unknown potential, virtually from any desk.

Interview with Kai Schneiderwind at BrauBeviale 2016

Plant-wide automation. Reaping plant-wide benefits.

How can energy and water be used more efficiently? How can formulas be modified flexibly and products be traced seamlessly? And how can quality assurance and inspections be implemented successfully worldwide, across several sites? As a partner of the food and beverage industry, we can supply you with everything you need to accomplish your objectives: in-depth industry know-how and a portfolio for realizing plant-wide automation and drive solutions as a prerequisite for achieving maximum efficiency and productivity.

Plant-wide automation in the brewing industry

Holistic value-chain optimization

Something more than first-class, reproducible quality is needed to achieve sustainable success in the food and beverage industry. Being able to respond quickly to seasonal fluctuations and a rapid turnover of merchandise are equally important – yet no easy task when faced with an ever-increasing variety of products and packagings, rising energy and raw material costs and increasingly stricter specifications and regulations. As your partner, we can guide you through this maze and help you optimize your entire value chain through integration.


anlagenweite automatisierung

Plant-wide automation





We take a holistic view of automation: from planning to operation, from raw material delivery to end product shipment, and from the shop floor up to the management level. That’s what creates real added value for you – along the entire value chain.

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Discover how you can use energy and water more efficiently when producing foods and beverages – for instance, with our end-to-end solutions for energy distribution, our energy-efficient drive technology or with intelligent water and wastewater treatment.

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In order to produce what the market calls for at any particular point in time, being able to change batches quickly and flexibly is essential – as is keeping conversion costs as low as possible. We offer appropriate products and solutions for achieving maximum batch automation, filling and packaging efficiency.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership


Tracking & Tracing



The only efficient way of cutting aggregate costs in your industry is to consider all of the assets holistically – from procurement and operation investments right through to maintenance and servicing.

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For customer protection and for one’s own personal benefit: Tracking and tracing is a must in the food and beverage industry. It also offers plenty of benefits that can be felt along the entire value chain – provided that process information can be comprehensively collected and systematically applied.

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Consistent quality and unaltered taste, regardless of where a product was produced: This is a crucial challenge when producing foods and beverages. And the more globalized a firm’s operations, the greater the challenge it poses. With us, you can absolutely rely on quality. Straightforward and dependable.

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Examples of successful projects – a selection of references

Bitburger Brewing Group

Bitburger Brewing Group

Always producing the same quality, even when using natural raw materials: Bitburger Brewing Group.

Sugar: Sutech, Thailand

Sugar: Sutech, Thailand

Maximum safety, dependability and precision in a raw sugar refinery: Sutech, Thailand.

The digitalized brewery

Read the interview with Gunther Walden, Senior Vice President, Food and Beverage Industry, Siemens AG.


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