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CEMAT: Process control system for the cement industry

40 years in service – and still as innovative as ever

Video: CEMAT - process control system designed for the cement production industry


The basis for CEMAT: SIMATIC PCS 7

CEMAT breaks new ground in every way, and offers new opportunities in cement production because its technology basis is SIMATIC PCS 7. And since it delivers the highest levels of reliability across all industries, the standardized hardware and software of this pioneering process control system stand out from the competition. The CEMAT system includes all necessary components and is perfectly tailored to meet the demands of the cement industry.

Optimized processes for the cement production industry

The CEMAT process control system offers an entirely new approach and is the best way to optimize cement production potential - at all corporate levels and throughout the value chain. CEMAT helps reduce cement production costs through resource management and productivity monitoring - from raw materials to finished products. With just a few mouse clicks, you can access all relevant cement production data in virtual real time. As a result, CEMAT makes a significant contribution to optimizing cement production capacities facility-wide.

Additional CEMAT benefits for the cement industry include excellent operation and integrated diagnostic features, which help detect potential faults quickly - before a problem - and minimize outages.

Increased efficiency for the cement industry

The CEMAT high-performance distributed control system was developed in close cooperation with the cement industry so that it meets all cement production requirements - and it has proven itself by operating for many years in harsh cement production environments.To achieve the facility-wide networking and transparency required by the cement industry, we developed the management information system SICEMENT IT MIS for CEMAT.


If you want to increase overall efficiency, it is essential that you are kept fully updated on all output values throughout the plant. The SICEMENT IT Management Information System bridges the gap between the corporate management level and the production level.

SICEMENT Instrumentation

During cement manufacture it is necessary to closely measure all output values. SICEMENT Instrumentation is a completely integrated product range for obtaining the most accurate results in process measuring technology.