Precision in your automotive assembly line

Our portfolio for automotive assembly automation

All aspects of the automotive assembly line – from timing to quality to quantity – require precise coordination. Automotive assembly line conveyor systems must deliver materials reliably, and all parts and functional groups of the line must operate fault-free at all times

Challenges in the automotive assembly line are:

  • Reduction of production hours per vehicle

  • High plant availability due to serial production

  • Need for innovative logistics due to JIT/JIS production

  • High need for line flexibility due to high model variety and shorter product life cycles

We are able to deliver this level of excellence because our automotive assembly line concept is based on distributed, modular, intelligent units that are seamlessly integrated via PROFIBUS/PROFINET. The distributed structure makes the automotive assembly line more flexible and control cabinets smaller. Additionally, programming, configuration and diagnosis using STEP 7 can be performed from any location in the network.

The demanding conveying process is implemented with innovative drive technology such as SINAMICS G120D. As assembly plants can be large and industrial communication has to cover large distances, this is a typical application for non-contacting wireless technology with, for example, our SCALANCE W components.

To be able to deliver materials just-in-time to the automotive assembly process, continuous quality tracking with RFID in every assembly step is important for ensuring a higher production quality. The integrated data management with SIMATIC IT is based on standardized interaction between MES and RFID.

Our automation concept for an automotive assembly line