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The World’s Most Accurate Level Controller

Sitrans LUT400

The new benchmark in ultrasonic level measurement accuracy: the Sitrans LUT400 ultrasonic controller. With world-leading accuracy of 1 mm (0.04 inches), the Sitrans LUT400 ensures that measurements are consistently precise.

The compact, single-point Sitrans LUT400 controller excels at continuous level monitoring and control in liquids, solids, or slurry applica­tions in a wide range of industries. The controller is a flexible solution for an array of applications, including water/wastewater monitoring and pumping, inventory management, crusher control, truck load-outs, or anything in between.

The Sitrans LUT400 is available in three models: Sitrans LUT420 Level and Volume Controller; Sitrans LUT430 Level, Volume, Pump, and Flow Controller; and Sitrans LUT440 High Accuracy Open Channel Monitor, providing a full suite of advanced level, volume, and pump controls.

Sitrans LUT400
The Sitrans LUT 400 (Photo: Siemens AG)

High performance and precision

The new controller features a patented digital receiver, which provides improved echo signal strength and confidence, as well as digital band-pass filtering for better noise rejection. Next-generation Sonic Intelligence offers better echo processing for more accurate level readings.

Savings and safety

With the Sitrans LUT400, operations are more cost-effective: inventory monitoring is always precise, processes can be better controlled, and expensive spill cleanups can be avoided. A reliable ultrasonic level controller reduces the need to send operators to the application for maintenance. By keeping workers out of hazardous situations altogether, companies immediately reduce the chance of accidents and the consequences to their business. Sitrans LUT400 is programmable in under a minute with graphical Quick Start Wizards on the intuitive local user interface with local four-button programming and menu-driven parameters. Sitrans LUT400 controllers are compatible with the full line of Siemens Echomax transducers, with an operating range of 0.3 to 60 m (1 to 200 feet), depending on the transducer.


  • 1 mm (0.04”) industry-leading accuracy

  • Easy-to-use local user interface for quick set-up and maintenance

  • Improved performance in noisy environments thanks to digital receiver technology

  • Compatible with the full line of Siemens Echomax transducers